Agendas and Minutes

Agendas and Minutes


Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the month (except for August when there is no meeting) at Birdham Village Hall at 7pm.   Please contact the clerk for joining instructions, if you wish to join the meeting remotely.

Electors' Meeting Agenda 8th May 2024
Draft Minutes Electors Meeting 8th May 2024
Annual Council Meeting Agenda 8th May 2024
Draft Minutes Annual Parish Meeting 8th May 2024
B Financial Statement 8th May 24
B Recon May 8th 2024
Agenda April 10th 2024
Draft Minutes April 10th 2024
Agenda 13th March 2024
BPC - Report of Meetings - February 2024
Birdham Community Growing (1)
Recon 13th March 2024
Financial Statement 13th March 2024
Approved Minutes March 13th 2024

Agenda 14th February 2024

Draft Minutes 14th February 2024

Agenda 10th January 2024

Approved Minutes 10th Jan 2024

13th December  2023 Agenda

Draft Minutes 13th December 2023

8th November 2023 Agenda

8th November 2023 Draft Minutes

11th October 2023 Agenda

11th October 2023 Draft Minutes

13th September 2023 Agenda

13th September 2023 Draft Minutes

2nd August 2023 Agenda Extraordinary Parish Council Planning

July 12th 2023 Agenda

July 12th 2023 Draft Minutes

June 14th 2023 Agenda

Draft Minutes June 14th 2023

May 17th 2023 Annual Council Meeting Agenda

17th May 2023 Draft Minutes Annual Meeting

April 12th 2023 Agenda

April 12th 2023 Approved minutes

8th March 2023 Agenda

8th March 2023 Approved Minutes

8th February 2023 Agenda

8th February 2023 Approved Minutes

11th January 2023 Agenda

Approved Minutes - 11th January 2023

14th December 2022 Agenda

Approved Minutes 14th December 2022

9th November 2022 Agenda

Approved Minutes 9th November 2022

12th October 2022 Agenda

Approved Minutes 12th October 2022

14th September 2022 Agenda

Approved Minutes 14th September 2022

Developer Meeting Birdham Pool Notes 27th July 2022
13th July 2022 Agenda

Approved Minutes July 13th 2022

Electors' Meeting Notes - 25th July 2022
Agenda Extraordinary Planning Meeting 15th June 2022
Approved Minutes Extraordinary Planning Meeting 15th June 2022
Agenda June 8th 2022
Approved Minutes June 8th 2022
Agenda May 11th 2022 Annual Council Meeting
Approved Minutes Annual Meeting 11th May 2022

Agenda April 13th 2022

Approved Minutes April 13th 2022

Agenda 9th March 2022

Approved Minutes 9th March 2022

Agenda 16th February 2022

Approved Minutes 16th February 2022

Agenda Jan 19th 2022

Approved Minutes 19th January 2022

Agenda December 15th 2021

Approved Minutes 15th December 2021

Agenda  November 17th 2021

Approved Minutes 17th November 2021

Agenda October 20th 2021

Approved Minutes 20th October 2021

Agenda 15th September 2021
Approved Minutes 15th September 2021

Agenda 11th August 2021 Planning meeting
Approved Minutes Planning Meeting - 11th August 2021

Agenda July 28th 2021

Approved Minutes 28th July 2021

Agenda June 21st 2021 Meeting

Approved Minutes 21st June 2021

Tuesday 8th June 2021 Extraordinary meeting

Approved Minutes Extraordinary Meeting 8th June 2021

May 17th Annual Council Meeting Agenda

Approved Minutes Annual Meeting 17th May 2021

Agenda April 19th 2021 Meeting
Approved Minutes 19th April 2021 Meeting

15th March 2021 Agenda

15th March 2021 Approved Minutes

15th February 2021 Agenda
15th February 2021 Approved Minutes
18th January 2021 Agenda 
18th January 2021 Approved Minutes
21st December 2020 Agenda
21st December 2020 Approved Minutes

16th November 2020 Approved Minutes