Birdham Neighbourhood Plan


Birdham Parish Neighbourhood Plan-Made Version

Neighbourhood Plan Review

The Neighbourhood Plan is now under review. Please access the new website either from the Parish Council home page, or at

Birdham Neighbourhood Plan - Made version


Birdham Parish Council Neighbourhood Plan

The Neighbourhood Plan for Birdham has passed it toughest test yet!! The numbers voting for the plan 505 The numbers voting against the plan 56 Turnout was 45.86% so far the highest in the District.

Neighbourhood Plan - for Referendum

Draft Neighbourhood Plan

Birdham Parish Neighbourhood Plan - Pre-submission June 2014

Minutes of the Birdham Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group of the 16th October 2012

Birdham Neighbourhood Plan Minutes of the Steering Group Meeting 19.00 Tuesday 16 October 2012 Birdham Village Hall   Present:                                                        Ken Wright                (KW)                           Carolyn Cobbold      (CC) Marion Barker           (MB)                            Jane Finch                (JF) Alan Drew                 (AD)                            Arnie Chamberlain  (AC) Paul Simmons         (PS)                            Dave Williams          (DW) Apologies: Hamish Gairns, Terry Claughton Also present: David Siggs (DS) (Birdham Parish Council Clerk), Paul Finch (PF) (FG member – Transport...

Response to the Questions on Parish Housing Numbers in Birdham

Response to the Questions on Parish Housing Numbers Birdham

Minutes of the Neighbourhood Plan Business Task Force 18th September 2012

Minutes of Birdham Business Task Force 18th September 2012 Present: Arnie Chamberlain, Lavinia Brooks, Carolyn Cobbold Prepare inventory of local businesses in Birdham from CDC data (David Siggs, AC,CC,LB). Idenitfy extent of home-working in the parish. (AC,LB,CC) Write to all business explaining that Birdham is setting up a Business Task Force to help prepare a neighbourhood plan and that we are seeking their views....