Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting 18th January 2010

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting 18th January 2010

Birdham Parish Council

Minutes of the Meeting held on Monday 18th January 2010

at 7pm in Birdham Village Hall

Present:                    Cllr Tilbury (Chairman), Cllr Mrs Parks, Cllr Meynell, Cllr Mrs Leach, Cllr Mrs Cobbold

Apologies:                Cllr Ms Huskisson, Cllr Churchill

In attendance:         The Clerk, County and District Councillor P Montyn, and 7 members of the public.

95-09cl. Chairman’s remarks

The Chairman welcomed all those present and thanked them for turning out on a very cold night.

96-09cl.          Declarations of interest


97-09cl. Minutes of the meeting held on the 21st December 2009.

Resolved: that the minutes of the 21st December 2009 be signed as a true and accurate record.

Proposed by Cllr Parks and seconded by Cllr Leach

98-09cl.          Matters arising from the Minutes

a) Bus Shelter Seat – The Clerk provided a number of seating options in terms of style and price upon which Council could make a choice. It was decided that a 6ft seat should be purchased and that the Clerk should obtain prices for seat anchorages and engraving. The engraving to be something suitable in memory of Saskia Heasman, the previous Clerk.

b) Youth Matters – The Chairman explained that he had spoken to a number of youth workers including the church youth leader. It was felt that the cost versus the very small numbers was disproportionate and that nothing further could be gained. It was therefore decided to keep the matter under review and revisit the subject at least on an annual basis.

c) Land Bequeathed to the council – The Chairman explained that the situation had moved to a more personal level and that he wished to take the subject to the end of the Agenda when he would propose going into private session.

d) The Village Pond – The Clerk reported that he had contacted Sarah Hughes – CDC Environment Officer – requesting further information on the way forward. Prior to any work commencing there must be a vole survey that can only be carried out between April and May or between September and October. There also needs to be a Habitat Survey which Sarah will carry out.

Sarah also said that she will be carrying out training for volunteers on the 27th March. During the day, which is split between classroom and field work, volunteers will be trained to carry out vole surveys and would be allocated a sites. Sarah rather hoped that Councillors and the ditch volunteers might put their names forward

99-09cl.          Clerk’s Report:

a) The Clerk reported that he had received a letter from WSCC explaining that a review of the library system was due to take place and that all parishes would be kept informed. The Clerk had also received a flyer together with the terms and conditions of a ‘Real Hedge Fund’ that was available for the new planting of trees and shrubs.

b) The Clerk also reported on the position of the two vacancies and the methodology to be employed should CDC give permission for co-option to take place.

Resolved: That the Clerk place a notice in the usual places, inviting applications from interested residents to become co-opted councillors. Should there be more than the required number of applicants then an interview panel should be setup to determine the successful applicants.

Proposed by Cllr Meynell and seconded by Cllr Leach

c) The Chairman reported that when considering the LDF Document it should be noted that the Apuldram Lane treatment works had, so far, leaked every day this year

d) The Chairman stated that at future meetings there would be the opportunity for members of WSCC and CDC to make a report should they deem it relevant and appropriate.

100-09cl.       Planning matters including CDC decisions:

a) Applications

BI/09/04733/DOM Belland House, Main Road, Birdham

This is an application (partly retrospective) for the installation of play equipment in the garden to the rear of Belland House. The garden is contained to the west by the rear of houses in Pipers Mead and to the east by the houses in Bell Lane. Councillors have visited the site.

Structure A (as shown on the site plan) is a shed-like building with a balcony, the base of which is shown as 1 metre 30 from the ground, the top of the open entrance to the shed 2 metres 80, and the peak of the roof 3 metres 28 from the ground. Access will be by steps at the side and there is provision for a climbing net at the front. The structure backs on to the site boundary to the west but there is no view or access to the rear of the shed and all views from it are to the east.

Our concern is with the un-neighbourliness of this structure in that it looks directly towards the gardens and the rear of the houses in Bell Lane. We estimate the distance across the garden to be 6 metres and from the structure to the rear of the Bell Lane houses to be in excess of 30 metres. There is an evergreen hedge on the eastern boundary of Belland House at this point and if this is maintained at a reasonable height we do not believe that Structure A would cause undue interference with the neighbours’ enjoyment of their property.

Structure B Backs on to the gardens in Bell Lane and is similar to Structure A. There should be no rear views from this structure and it would back on to the hedge. The views to the west are of the Belland House garden and a mature hedge and trees on the Pipers Mead boundary.

Structures C and D are a Zip-line which may cause a certain amount of noise and should be well-maintained to minimise this but should not cause any more disturbance to the neighbours than normal play activity.

On balance the Council has NO OBJECTION to this application.

BI/09/05065/TPA Trees to the rear of 32 Walwyn Close, Birdham

These three trees form part of a line of oak trees all of which have Tree Preservation Orders on them. Birdham Council has taken a consistently firm line against interference with significant trees because they have become a nuisance to subsequent development. In particular we have resisted undue work on the other trees in this line which offer shade in the summer to the students at Birdham Primary School, asking that any work be limited to pruning back to previous points of growth to maintain the trees in good health.

This application is only slightly different in that it pertains to trees in the rear gardens of Walwyn Close and Longmeadow Gardens. We are unconcerned by cosmetic improvements to the trees but we are happy to see the trees well-maintained. (We note with concern the letter accompanying this application which asks for the removal of at least one of the trees. We oppose such a move).

We ask that the trees be surveyed by the District Council’s arboriculture adviser and that any work is limited to the strictly necessary and done by a qualified tree surgeon. On that basis the Council raises NO OBJECTION to this application.

b) Decisions

BI/09/04673/FUL The Dinghy Park, Lock Lane, Birdham. Refused

BI/09/04114/DOM Archways Main Road Birdham, Chichester. Permit

101-09cl.       Correspondence:

There was none.

102-09cl.       Reports:

a) Neighbourhood Watch - None

103-09cl. Finance:

a) A financial paper had been prepared by the Clerk and was circulated to Councillors. This showed:

Balances held at Bank: £51029.42

Designated Funds: £25798.77

Creditors: £1042.82

Resolved: To accept the financial report.

Proposed by Cllr Meynell and  seconded by Cllr Parks .

b) The Clerk reported that it had become necessary to re-appoint an Internal Auditor for the remainder of the Council year. However, it was pointed out that there was an increase in the fees to £150.00.

Resolved:  That E O’Flanagan be re-appointed as the Internal Auditor for the remainder of the Council Year at a fee of £150.00

Proposed by the Chairman and seconded by Cllr Leach

104-09cl Reports from Councillors attending meetings:

a) Cllr Meynell reported that he had attended the Harbour Conservancy meeting which had expressed real concern over the continuation of poor water quality in the harbour. It was recorded that although some treatment was being carried out contaminated and foul water was still being released.

The Chairman stated that he had written to Southern Water who had assured him that untreated water was not being released into the Harbour.

However, it was reported that any contamination in the harbour was seen as a threat to the businesses that relied on good water quality for their livelihood.

Cllr P Montyn (WSCC and CDC) said that he had written to the Environment Agency who had stated that the water in the harbour was subject to the rules which applied to inland waterways. Tests on crabs and oysters from the harbour had been carried out and that contamination was well within tolerances therefore the rules are being satisfied. He also stated that ultraviolet light treatment was in place and being used to destroy algae in nutrients.

b) Cllr Cobbold reported that a successful bid had been made to DEFRA on behalf of the Manhood Peninsular Partnership. The grant, some £470k, would be spent on the fishermans ramp at Selsey with other improvements plus coastal waterway management planning.

105-09cl.       Public session:

There were no questions from members of the public

106-09cl        Agenda item 4iii:

The Chairman proposed that under Standing Order 68 because of the confidential nature of the business about to be discussed the press and public be temporarily excluded and they are instructed to withdraw.

Resolved That SO68 be invoked

Proposed by the Chairman and seconded by Cllr Meynell

The nature of the debate concerned the land bequeathed to the council by the late Mr A Adams and the delay in completion of the transfer of the title.

The Clerk was instructed to write to the solicitor dealing with Mr Adams will on behalf of the Council to determine the cause of the holdup and to expedite the completion of Mr Adams instructions.

There being no further business to be dealt with the meeting closed at 8.35pm