Minutes of the Council Meeting held on the 16th December 2013

Minutes of the Council Meeting held on the 16th December 2013


Birdham Parish Council


Minutes of the

Meeting of the Parish Council

 held on Monday 16th December 2013

at 7pm in Birdham Village Hall


Present:                     Cllr Cobbold (Vice Chairman), Cllr Barker, Cllr Ayton

 Apologies:                   Cllr Finch (Chairman), Cllr Grafham, Cllr Hamilton & Cllr Marshall (CDC).

 Absent:                        Cllr Churchill

 In attendance:              The Clerk, Cllr Montyn (WSCC & CDC) and 22 members of the public.

 80-13 Public Question time in accordance with Standing Orders 1d -1l:

              A resident reported that he and one other had had a meeting with the local MP – Andrew Tyrie - concerning planning especially the membership of the CDC Planning Committee who appeared to be unaware of the problems associated with the Manhood which reflected in the ‘poor’ decisions that had been recently made. The MP had requested he be written to by the Parish Council, therefore was it possible that this could and would be done?

It was agreed that the Parish Council would write to the MP Mr Andrew Tyrie.

The Chairman of the BVRA said that the Church Lane appeal had started and was likely to be heard on the 25th March 2014.

Cllr Ayton asked what the BVRA were proposing to do.

The Chairman of the BVRA responded by saying that they – the BVRA – would register under the rule 6 policy of the appeal process.

Cllr Cobbold said that under rule 6 they would be allowed to bring into the debate items that CDC would not.

Cllr Montyn (WSCC & CDC) said that he would work with the BVRA on the appeal process.

A resident said that he had contacted the CDC Planning department who had assured him that the required 50 housing units had been reached. Others at the Marina may also be counted once the development was under way. He felt that the FAD was now in contradiction with the NPPF and the proposed Local Plan and urged CDC to stand firm on its original policies.

It was pointed out that the target of 50 units was a minimum requirement and that no upper limit had been set.

A resident of Church Lane thanked all those who had taken part in reducing the flooding risk and asked if the pump would remain in place for much longer.

Cllr Montyn (WSCC & CDC) said that he felt this would be desirable as more work may well be required.           

81-13 Declaration of Interests:

There were no declarations of interest. 

82-13 Approve and sign the Minutes of the meeting held on the 18th November 2013:

              It was resolved to adopt the minutes of the 18th November 2013 as a true and accurate record.

83-13 Matters arising from the minutes of the 19th November 2012:

Minute 89-12 - Land Bequest.The Clerk said that he had nothing to report 

84-13 Clerks’ Report:

i) WSCC – There was nothing to report

ii)  CDC 

a)     The Clerk reported that he had received the appeal notification of the Church Lane application.

b)    In addition the Clerk said that he had received notification of the grant that would be allocated to Birdham under the Local Council Tax Reduction scheme for the 2014/15 tax year and as predicted it would be set at £1417.13 and the Tax Base would be set at 770.2.

iii)Other related matters – There were none.

iv)  Reports from Members of WSCC/CDC – Cllr Montyn (WSCC) said that the budget would be debated at County on Friday. The County have to significantly reduce the budget which would come predominantly from the Adult Budget. However, more money would be allocated to the non-trunk roads budget which would enable proactive maintenance to be carried out rather than the current re-active. 

85-13 Finance and Corporate:

i)    To receive and approve the financial report.

The Clerk presented the financial report for the month (shown at annex a) which showed the following balances;


Balances held at Bank


Designated Funds


Available Funds








The Clerk offered to answer any questions that Councillors may have. 

It was resolved to adopt the Financial Report. 

ii)   To receive and approve the draft budget and precept request.

Cllr Cobbold presented the draft budget and in doing so stressed that whilst the Council had continued to look for best value, a number of the larger value items had increased in cost eg electricity to light the streets had increased by 9.5% and the maintenance of those same lights had increased by 3.8%. There had also been a reduction in the Council Tax Support Grant of just over 25% and this reduction was likely to continue, if in fact the grant was paid at all. The net result was that the Council required a precept of £40708.32 which is an increase on a Band D property of just £3.86 per year. 

It was resolved to approve the budget and to request a Precept of £40708.32. 

86-13  To receive an update on the Neighbourhood Plan – Vin Brooks – Vice Chair of the NP Steering Group to report.

The Vice-Chairman said that she was very pleased to have been elected and she wished to announce that Jane Finch had been elected as the Chairman. Mr Barrington and Cllr Ayton have joined the SG and Mr’s Crossley and Campbell have joined the Housing FG. It is now considered that a balanced team is in place with a wide range of skills.

Mr Barrington has taken the lead to produce the draft NP for which a target date has been set for the end of January 2014.

The long awaited survey reports have now been published on the web site along with Map Responses and post code analysis.

An open day was held recently with 170 attendees from the village and surrounding parishes.

The Business Survey is in the process of analysis.

A lot of help with writing policies is being received from the NP Advisors whose input is extremely valuable and will ensure the NP document is robust and will not be thrown out by the examiners.

Behind the scenes the 20 member team is working very hard to complete this important task as thoroughly and as quickly as possible. 

87-13Planning matters including applications and CDC delegated decisions:

i)     Planning Applications to be Decided

BI/13/03692/TPA - Case Officer: Henry Whitby Mr Ronald Gammie Beechway Martins Lane

Crown reduce by 20% on 1 no. Hornbeam (T1) subject to BI/01/00039/TPO.

As Birdham Parish Council has no technical experience in this subject the Council is content for Mr Whitby to make the decision on matters relating to the trees in question. 

BI/13/03437/DOM - Case Officer: Anna Weir Mr Matt Smith 96 Crooked Lane Birdham

Single storey rear extension.

Birdham Parish Council raises no objection to this application. 

BI/13/03742/DOM - Case Officer: Maria Tomlinson Mr M Holmes Belland House Main Road

Two storey side and rear extensions and rear sun room.

Birdham Parish Council raises No Objection to this application. 

BI/13/03704/DOM - Case Officer: Maria Tomlinson - Mr Barry Wallis The Little House Westlands Lane Birdham

Proposed first floor side extension, rear infill extension, side car port, front roof canopy and internal alterations.

It was felt that provided the application complied fully with the Harbour Conservancy Design Guide both in terms of design and materials the Parish Council would raise No Objection to this application. 

BI/13/03763/DOM - Case Officer: Maria Tomlinson- Mr I Chase 34 Greenacres Birdham

Single storey front extension, alterations to front door and garage.

Birdham Parish Council raises No Objection to this application.

BI/13/03785/FUL - Case Officer: Sophie Locke - CEA Setrement Trust Elmstead Birdham Road

Use of former apple store for business (use class B1) and associated works.

Birdham Parish Council raises No Objection to this application.

BI/13/03783/DOM - Case Officer: Natalie McKellar - Mr Paul Kelly 32 Greenacres Birdham

Additional porch, rear extension at ground and first floors, use of garage as residential accommodation, new annexed garage, external swimming pool with ancillary plant accommodation, new external timber weatherboarding.

Birdham Parish Council raises No Objection to this application.

BI/13/03939/DOM Bees, Pescotts Close, Birdham

New side extension to existing bungalow and new car port to front together with improvements to the appearance of the existing flat roof at rear.

Birdham Parish Council raises No Objection to this application.

BI/13/03834/DOM Ffolletts Thatch , Sidlesham Lane, Birdham

Single storey side extension, front porch, re cladding of elevations and pitched roof over existing flat roof.

Birdham Parish Council raises No Objection to this application.

It was resolved to authorise the Clerk to forward the decisions of the Parish Council to DC Planning

ii)            Delegated Decisions to be noted

BI/13/02832/DOM Mr R Felton Harbour House 22 Greenacres Birdham

Renewal of planning permission BI/10/04721/DOM for extensions and alterations to existing house and garage. PERMIT

BI/13/03307/TPA Mr Peter Bachelor 25 Walwyn Close Birdham

Reduce eastern sector by 1m (back to previous pruning points) and crown raise western sector by removal of 1 no. major limb (approx 200m in diameter) on 1. no Oak tree (T7) subject to BI/97/00037/TPO. PERMIT

BI/13/02962/TPA Mr Anthony Hope Cross Trees Burlow Close Birdham

Fell 1 no. Horse Chestnut tree (T4) . Crown lift by up to 4.5 m and crown reduction by 2-2.5m on 1 no. Horse Chestnut tree (T5). Both trees subject to BI/69/0009/TPO. PERMIT

BI/13/03100/FUL Mr J Chatfield Pinks Four Bell Lane Birdham

Replacement extension to existing railway carriage and replacement of existing septic tank (retrospective application). PERMIT

BI/13/01391/FUL The Hyde Group Field North West Of The Saltings Crooked Lane Birdham

The development of 15 new affordable dwellings and associated external works. PERMIT WITH S106

BI/13/03314/TPA Mr Fowler 32 Walwyn Close Birdham

Reduce heights by 2m and outer widths of the trees' crowns by 2m and crown raise by up to 5m (above ground level) only removing limbs of 7.5cm or less in diameter on 3 no. Oak trees (T1-T3) subject to BI/97/00037/TPO. PERMIT

The delegated decisions were noted 

88-13 Correspondence – Not previously circulated:

i)    The Clerk reported that he had received a letter from the Director of the Harbour Conservancy – Siun Cranny – wishing to re-connect to local communities and develop links with Parish Councils, Ms Cranny said she would like to meet with the Council in 2014. It was felt by all that this was a worthwhile opportunity to explore options that may well benefit Birdham and the Harbour. The Clerk was tasked with contacting Ms Cranny to get something organized.

ii)   The Clerk had also received a letter of thanks from the Treasurer of St James Church on receipt of the recent grant made by the Parish Council.

89-13 Reports:

i)      Play Area and Playing Field. – The Clerk reminded members that he was to hold a meeting with various companies in an attempt to resolve the flooding on the Playing Field, due to the proximity of Christmas and other commitments this had been postponed to after the Christmas shutdown.

ii)                 ii)   Village Green and Pond – Nothing further.

iii)                iii) Condition of Village Ditch/Drain Network. – Mr Barrington presented an overview of the activities of the Flood Prevention Group who had, on three Sundays, been surveying the ditches and drains within Birdham. Approximately fifty issues had been identified throughout most of the Village and had now been mapped. It would seem that over the years culverts have become clogged and forgotten about. It was anticipated that owners would be identified and persuaded to ensure that these were cleaned out and brought back into use. It is also hoped that by clubbing together contractors could be used to do any heavy manual work required, a meeting would be held in the New Year to discuss this further. It might take some time to get everything done but it would be worthwhile if any further flooding is prevented in the future.

Cllr Cobbold said that she had attended the NP Meeting when this was discussed; she also said that the EA now have surface water maps on their website which may prove to be useful.

iv)   Police and Neighbourhood Watch – There was nothing to report.

v)    Communication Working Groups – The latest issue of the Parish Newsletter was ready for distribution.

vi)   Other - Cllr Barker said that the tree planting was to take place on the 21st December. It was hoped that this would turn out to be a Village fun day with lots of people turning out to help. 

90-13 To receive a report from Cllr Ayton on speeding in and around the Village (Deferred from the 18th November meeting)

          Cllr Ayton said that information he was hoping to have for this meeting had not arrived and requested that it be put on the January meeting agenda.

91-13 Reports of meetings attended by Councillors;

          Cllr Cobbold said that she had attended the Peninsula Forum meeting that had been hosted by Birdham Parish Council at which the main thrust of discussion was based around the road and drainage infrastructure problems that was being faced. There was also the warning that an application for a further 200 homes in Bracklesham was very likely.

92-13 Items for inclusion on the next agenda:

          Update on the Church Lane appeal process

          Speeding in and around Birdham Village

93-13 Date of Next Meeting:

          20th January 2014 at 7pm in Birdham Village Hall

There being no further business to discuss the meeting was declared closed at 8.32pm






                        Signed ___________________________   Dated ____________________








Annex a

Birdham Parish Council

Financial Statement as at 16th December 2013


Bank Accounts as at 31st March 2013


Receipts to date


Expenditure to date




Represented by;

Current Account (Barclays Community A/c)


Deposit Account (Barclays Premium Business A/c)


National Savings





Reserve @ 50% of Precept


Loan Reserve for half year


Outstanding Cheque/s -



Available Funds



Clerk to the Council

16th December 2013

Payments to be considered

B Geary (Litter Picking)


Clerks Expenses


M H Kennedy & Son


A Dover (Village Green/Bus Stops)


Strong Consultancy




Hydro Cleansing Ltd