Planning Matters 5th June 2019

Planning Matters 5th June 2019

The following planning applications and delegated decisions have just been received. Any representations should be received by the District Council within 21 days of this notification. (26.06.2019).


BI/19/01051/FUL Scuttlebutt Cafe Birdham Pool The Causeway Birdham West Sussex

Change of use of the land from ancillary boat storage to the Birdham Pool marina to A3 cafe with associated decking, seating, and facilities areas and mobile tea hut (retrospective).

BI/19/01219/FUL Broomer Farm Lock Lane Birdham PO20 7AX

Erection of 1 no. barn for storage and garaging.

BI/19/01319/ELD - Plovers Cottage Batchmere Road Birdham PO20 7LJ

Use of building for B1(c) purposes, namely as a willow workshop.

BI/19/01127/FUL - Bulrush Barn Birdham Road Birdham PO20 7BX

Change of use from agricultural to domestic, restoration and reconstruction of fire damaged barns to provide garden studio, workshop and 2 bay open fronted garage ancillary to Bulrush Barn.

BI/19/01170/DOM - Forge Cottage  Martins Lane Birdham PO20 7AU

Installation of 1 no. dormer window on west elevation.

BI/19/01371/TPA - 10 Old Common Close Birdham Chichester West Sussex

Fell 2 no. Cypress trees (T1 and T2) and crown lift by up to 3m (above ground level) on 2 no. Cypress trees (T3 and T4). All within Group, G1 subject to BI/97/00036/TPO.

BI/19/01396/FUL - See Company Name Houseboat Living The Dream Berth No.1 Chichester Marina Birdham

Replacement houseboat.



Chichester Yacht Club

Chichester Yacht Club  Chichester Marina Birdham PO20 7EJ  

Proposed pergola with adjustable and opening roof louvres and sliding retractable windows. PERMIT