Minutes Sept 2003

Minutes Sept 2003

Minutes of the Meeting held on 15th September 2003 at 7.00pm at Birdham Village Hall

Present: Cllr Tilbury; Cllr Ms Huskisson; Cllr Mrs Rees; Cllr Mrs Baillieu; Cllr Drew; Cllr Kyte; Cllr Mrs Parks; Cllr Churchill; Cllr Meynell

In attendance: District Councillors Peter Jones and Taff Davies, a member of the press, a member of the public and the Clerk.

49-03cl No apologies for absence were received

50-03cl Approve and sign the Minutes of the Meeting held on 21st July 2003 It was proposed by Cllr Mrs Parks and seconded by Cllr Mrs Rees RESOLVED that the Minutes be approved and signed by the Chairman.

51-03cl Matters arising from the Minutes dated 21st July 2003
i) Min 40-03cl (i) Alandale Road – the Clerk reported that she had written to the Land Registry, who had replied requesting the grid reference of the piece of land in question, but also asking why the matter had been referred to them. It was agreed to explain the matter to the Land Registry which has now been dealt with.
ii) Min 40-03cl (ii) Plaque under wall hanging – Cllr Drew reported it is now hanging.
iii) Min 41-03cl a (i) Highways – the Chairman reported re the re-surfacing of Birdham Straight. Highways are drawing up their budgets for next year, but it is a 60-40 chance that it will be re-surfaced next year. He will write to the Head of the Highways Dept to reinforce this fact. He has also contacted the department because a resident who has an electric wheelchair is concerned by the fact that she is near to the ditch on turning into Birdham Straight from the footpath from Farne Lane. There is also a problem with a stippled patch opposite the garage.
iv) Min 41-03cl b (vi) Parish Plan/Design Statements – the Clerk reported that she had contacted CDC and been referred to the Countryside Agency’s website, from which she had downloaded a sample Design Statement. However, there will be some money available eventually for joint Parish Plans on the Manhood Peninsula and CDC are very keen that parishes become involved. If we do our own the eventual working group should have no more than 2 councillors on it and up to 12 members of the parish, so it should not put too much pressure on the Council. Other parishes are going ahead with this. Manhood Peninsula Partnership is attempting to kick-start it. There was general support for this in principle.
v) Min 41-03cl c (i) Indemnities for members and officers – the Clerk reported that the government wishes Parish Councils to be among those organisations which can indemnify their officers and members for liabilities incurred when they are acting by virtue of the membership of, or employment by, the relevant authority and for the purposes of that authority. They wish to know the Council’s opinion on these matters, including whether indemnities for allegations of a breach of the code of conduct should be permitted and whether authorities should be allowed only to purchase insurance to cover individuals’ costs in the same circumstances as an indemnity would be permitted. The Council agree in principle with indemnifying the whole Council and possibly taking out insurance to do this if necessary. Clerk to respond in support of District Solicitor.
vi) Min 41-03cl c (iv) Disability Play – the Chairman reported that he was advised that our present provision for access to the playground and to its facilities are perfectly adequate but that we should bear in mind the needs of the disabled in future planning.
vii) Min 41-03cl c (viii) Quality Parishes and Town Councils - Cllr Mrs Rees reported that she has read the booklet and we will discuss it at the next meeting after the Clerk has written a paper on the advantages and disadvantages of Quality Status.
viii) Min 41-03cl (ix) Football – the Chairman reported that Dave Harriott is no longer conducting his training sessions and the Clerk is continuing to attempt to contact him about the rental he owes the Council.

52-03cl Clerk’s Report including:
a) WSCC Reports, highway matters and correspondence
i) Highways and Transport Engineering have sent a letter to say that an interactive message sign is to be installed on Bracklesham Lane during late summer /early autumn of this year.
ii) Also from Highways and Transport – Local Transport Plan – Annual Progress Report 2002-3 (Summary) Cllr Tilbury agreed to read this for the Council.
iii) Transfer of Care Homes for Older People into private ownership – consultation ends on 17th October if the Council wishes to comment. This was noted.
iv) The Council has been asked to comment on the possibility of a tourism direction sign for the Bell Inn. It was agreed to reply that the Council is generally against the proliferation of signs and there does not seem to be any reason for the inn to be signed.
v) The Chairman has been asked whether a resident can be supplied with a lay by near her house to help with transport for her disabled child. The Council was generally in favour of this.
vi) There is a very dead tree at the north end of Birdham straight which appears dangerous – this has been pointed out to the landowners.
b) CDC reports including correspondence
i)Changes to Development Control Procedures – four councils have been selected to take part in the trial of electronic consultation, and training for Parish Councils will be confirmed when dates are agreed. Our letter to CDC re planning system “was noted”.
ii) Health Concerns re TETRA masts – there will be a public meeting on 24th September at 7.00pm at the Assembly Rooms, Chichester. The Council is asked to send a representative.
Cllr Parks agreed to try to attend.
iii) A revision of the Local Biodiversity Action Plan has taken place and is available for Councillors to read. Cllr Huskisson and Cllr Drew agreed to read it for the Council.
c) Other related matters
i) The Standards Board for England has sent out a copy of Standards Committee Determinations – Guidance for monitoring officers and Standards committees. This was noted and the Clerk agreed to keep it for the Council.
ii) Manhood Mobility have written to thank the council for the contribution to the grant for the new vehicle. The chairman (or his representative) is also invited to the launch of the new vehicle on Thursday 2nd October at 1.30 in the meeting room at the East Wittering Medical Centre. Cllr Mrs Rees will be attending.
iii) 4SIGHT have written to thank the council for their donation.
iv) The Local Channel has written asking the Council whether it wishes to have a free website from which 15% of advertising revenue would come back forever. The Council decided to look further into this.
v)Waste Strategy for West Sussex – a questionnaire has to be completed before 30th September – it was agreed that Cllr Tilbury should do this.
vi) The Council was invited to send a representative to the CAB’s Annual Public Meting on 15th September. As this clashed with this meeting the Clerk had sent the Council’s apologies.
vii) The Campaign to protect Rural England will be holding a Skills Seminar on “Understanding the Planning System” on 22nd October in Billingshurst at a cost of £25. Clerk to attend if possible
viii) East Sussex County Council has sent details of their service with regard to Archives and Records Management for Parish Council records, including the retention schedule for parish council records as operated by both East and West Sussex. It was proposed by Cllr Tilbury and seconded by Cllr Mrs Rees RESOLVED to send records over five years old to the Records Office except those which are confidential.
ix) CDALC – After the letter written by the Clerk to SALC about the number of meetings which seem to be proliferating she was contacted by CDALC who said that at some time in the past the Council had decided to withdraw from CDALC. They can rejoin on payment of £15 if they so wish – CDALC meets three times a year at present and Trevor Leggo has suggested that they continue to do so for the next year until it is seen how the new cross-Peninsula meetings work out. It was proposed by Cllr Mrs Rees and seconded by Cllr Drew RESOLVED to rejoin CDALC.
x) Chichester Harbour Conservancy – draft Management Report – Cllr Ms Huskisson agreed to reply on behalf of the Council.

53-03cl Planning matters including CDC planning decisions: A paper detailing planning matters had been distributed to all councillors.

Plans to be considered: None

CDC Decisions:
BI/03/01501/DOM – Mr and Mrs C Jackson, Little Burlow, Burlow Close, Birdham PO20 7ES – Convert outhouse to habitable room and new pitched roof and new detached garage – PERMIT

BI/03/01447/LBC – Mr and Mrs P Glynn, The Thatched Cottage, Shipton Green, Itchenor, PO20 7BZ – Replacement of existing steel casement windows in sw sub frames with leaded light glazing with new oak casements in oak sub frames clear glazed. Construction of dormer window on west elevation – GRANT

BI/03/01453/DOM – Mr and Mrs Hemingway, Home, Shipton Green, Itchenor PO20 7BZ – First floor infill and extension of balcony and single storey pool room - PERMIT

BI/03/01824/DOM – Mr and Mrs J Powell, Pooh Corner, Westlands, Birdham, PO20 7HJ – Single storey extensions to existing to form new granny annexe – PERMIT

BI/03/02566/ELD – Mr and Mrs Lansley, re Oakwood, Sidlesham Lane, Birdham PO20 7QL – Erection of a single dwelling house – LAWFUL

BI/03/01689/COU – H Handford re Pinks Ltd Birdham Road, PO20 7BT – Change of use from vacant engineering works to indoor kart track – REFUSE

BI/03/01923/FUL – AV Cowell, Beaver Lodge, Bell Lane, Birdham PO20 7HY – Use of workshop following deletion of condition 3 (named user) and deletion of condition 4 (restriction of use) of BI/20/91 – PERMIT

BI/03/02009/DOM – Towerhill Trading re Bungalow Ling Cottage Martins Lane, Birdham PO20 7AU – single storey extension to existing bungalow to form 3 no. bedrooms and 2 no. bathrooms - PERMIT

BI/02/02566/ELD (Amended Decision) – Mr and Mrs Lansley re Oakwood, Sidlesham Lane, Birdham PO20 7QS – Erection of a single dwelling house - PERMIT

BI/02/02566/ELD (Amended Decision) – Mr and Mrs Lansley re Oakwood, Sidlesham Lane, Birdham PO20 7QS – Erection of a single dwelling house - PERMIT

From the Planning Inspectorate:
BI/02/03492/FUL – Mr and Mrs WA Manning, Mansfield, Church Lane, Birdham PO20 7AP – new detached bungalow and minor alterations to existing bungalow.
This appeal will be decided on the basis of an exchange of written statements by the appellant and the Council and a site visit by a DETR inspector. If the Council wishes to make written representation to the Planning Inspectorate this must be received by 1st October.

Plans considered by the Council since the last meeting to be ratified:
BI/03/01923/FUL – AV Cowell, Beaver Lodge, Bell Lane, Birdham – Deletion of condition 3 of BI/20/91 (named user) and condition 4 of BI/20/91 (restriction of use) – OBJECT on grounds that conditions only granted in exceptional circumstances and tied to Mr Cowell’s occupancy of adjoining house and business activity. He is attempting to remove the conditions under which exceptional permission was granted.

BI/03/02009/DOM – Towerhill Trading re Bungalow adjoining Ling Cottage, Martins Lane, Birdham PO20 7AU – single storey extension to existing bungalow to form 3 new bedrooms and two bathrooms – NO OBJECTION despite the fact that the extensions will increase the footprint of the property by more than 50%. It is in keeping with the bungalow as it is single storey only.

BI/03/01988/DOM – Mr D Powell, Boughtons, 26, Greenacres, Birdham PO20 7HL – New single storey garage; first floor extension, ground floor infill to existing sundeck; minor internal amendments – NO OBJECTION

BI/03/02083/FUL – WMEC Ltd, Unit 20, Allman Business Park, Main Road Birdham – Single satellite dish of dimensions 90cm x 70cm elliptical (to be placed on roof of Unit 21 at far corner) – NO OBJECTION

BI/03/02000/DOM – Ian Sumnall, St Aubins, Birdham Road, Chichester – Conservatory at rear – NO OBJECTION

BI/03/02114/FUL – E Allman and Co Ltd, Main Road, Birdham – New light industrial unit – NO OBJECTION provided that the height of the building is no higher than that of the existing buildings of the same type on the site.

BI/03/02203/FUL – Mr K Steele, Pinks Ltd, Birdham Road, Chichester – Subdivision ans refurbishment of existing factory into 4 no. separate units. Use of 3 no. units for B1/B3 purposes. 1 no. unit for the sale, display and maintenance of motor homes – NO OBJECTION but wish to raise concerns about traffic – would like to see 40 mph limit extended to north if permission granted, windows and doors to be suitable colours for rural area, Policy B5 (1) to be adhered to to protect neighbours, landscaping to soften the intrusion of security measures into the landscape.

BI/03/02209/OUT – Mrs S Vernon, Margherymore, Church Lane, Birdham – Proposed new access and 3 no. bungalows with garages – OBJECT on grounds that 3 bungalows would be overdevelopment of the site, especially in AONB.

BI/03/02306/DOM and BI/03/02307/LBC – Mr and Mrs G Lawson, Harbour Meadow, Court Barn Lane, Birdham – Replacement of existing derelict summerhouse, new window openings below existing kitchen windows, replacement of non-original aluminium windows with new polyester powder coated aluminium windows to original fenestration and colour. Re-instate original curved roof screen. Repair of concrete and brickwork external wall and features. Internal modifications to enlarge kitchen. Proposed new guest bathroom, new opening to enlarge games room, reinstatement of original sun loggia. Replacement of mechanical and electrical services. New outdoor pool – NO OBJECTION – commends the thought which has gone into the restoration of this important building.

It was proposed by Cllr Ms Huskisson and seconded by Cllr Churchill RESOLVED to ratify the decisions made since the last meeting.

The Chairman has been in contact with the enforcement officers re Broomers Farm at Lock Lane. New road was being built at south boundary of the field for which no permission had been given. Hay barn has been built which is not that for which permission has been given.

54-03cl Correspondence
Correspondence to be distributed includes:

· WaterVoice Southern – Annual Report 2002-3
· West Sussex Health and Social Care Spotlight
· Play today Sept-Oct 2003
· SALC County Circular Summer 2003
· WSCC forward plan of key decisions September – December 2003
· NALC Local Council Review September 2003

55-03cl Reports:
i) Village Hall: the Chairman reported that he has been back to Bayley and Willmer and has put the new brief to them as well as asking the costs. He has also been in touch with the chairman of the West Wittering Hall Committee and will ask Mr Perkins, their architect, to quote us also. It is hoped to have responses for the next meeting.
The Clerk has checked with Louise Beaton about the two windows and a door which the Village Hall Committee wish to replace and the Council can only reclaim the VAT on them if they are a gift from the Council, not if the Village Hall Committee subsequently refunds the cost to the Council.
ii) Play Area Report and Playing Field: Cllr Churchill reported that some plastic covers are missing over the bolts on the bridge and walkway, so water can get in. Next time Foster Playscapes are visiting could they look at this. The Chairman reported that the floodlight on the Play Area comes on with street light number 4 and goes off with the street light at 1 am. There is a need for a timer on the streetlight only. We might look into a separate timer. Cllr Kyte asked if the mounds on the corner of Farne Lane could be removed. The field needs its hedges and ditches cleared – It was proposed by Cllr Ms Huskisson and seconded by Cllr Drew RESOLVED to ask Iain Grant to do this in October.
iii) Village Green and Pond – Adrian Dover has been asked to clear the parrot weed and take it away. The front of the pond ought to be cut by one third 3 times a year, in September, November and March – Clerk to tell Adrian Dover.
iv) Footpaths and Bridleways – nothing to report
v) Neighbourhood Watch – Cmdr Clarke has reported that there was a break-in at the Thatched Cottage, and an attempted attack on the car wash at the garage. Glue sniffers have been noted in the village.

56-03cl Finance
A Financial Situation Report had been circulated to all Councillors:
Payments made since the last meeting to be ratified:

Standing order to Saskia Heasman (July salary) 377.30
Principal (copying charges, includes 7.88 VAT) 52.88
Mrs Geary, litter, August 65.00
Adrian Dover, grass, July 91.00
Standing Order to Saskia Heasman (August salary) 377.30
CDC grass, July (includes 26.25. VAT) 176.25

Receipts, current account Sale of videos 10.00
Grant for swings 3000.00

Receipts, Village Hall account none

Receipts, BRA account none

Payments to be considered:

Mrs Geary (litter, September) 65.00
Adrian Dover (grass, August) 91.00
SRCC – Chairman’s lunch at AGM (includes VAT) 13.50
Clerk’s expenses (includes 2.20 VAT) 47.38

The grant of £3000 was made to the Council, and £2000 of it has been transferred to the BRA account. £300 was transferred from the Village Hall account to meet Archibald Shaw’s bill authorised for payment at the last meeting.

57-03cl Reports of meetings attended by councillors
The Clerk and Chairman attended the 2nd meeting of the Peninsula Community forum and saw a number of interesting presentations.

58-03cl To consider any urgent matters which the Chairman may wish to lay before the Council
Canal – water level – Council wrote to Environment Agency and copied it to various bodies. Action had been taken to preserve the water level and it is now fuller than ever before.
Roundstone Nurseries problem – the council has been informed that the document produced by the residents not accurate – activity might take place but lorry movements would only take place between 7 am and 9pm. Our point has been reinforced.
Mr Panteny from Pipers Mead has contacted the Chairman over the problem of the public spaces.
Waste collection – from Taff Davies wanted the opinion of the Council on this matter.

59-03cl Public Session A member of the public asked the status of the Mill Pond at Birdham Pool as regards fishing. He was informed that fishing is not allowed there.
Keith Morgan is to be pressed to produce an idiot’s guide to Peninsula bodies.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.35pm