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Minutes June 2007

Minutes of the Meeting held on Monday 18th June 2007 at 7pm in Birdham Village Hall

Present: Cllr Howat; Cllr Tilbury; Cllr Ms Leach; Cllr Mrs Cobbold; Cllr Mrs Parks; Cllr Meynell

In attendance: The Clerk; Two tree wardens; District Cllr Peter Jones

16-07cl. Apologies were received from: Cllr Churchill and Cllr Ms Huskisson

17-07cl. Declaration of interest: none was made.

18-07cl. Co-option of a Parish Councillor – nobody was available to take up this place.

19-07cl. Approve and sign the Minutes of the Meeting held on 15th May 2007 With the following alterations – in 9-07cl vii) after Apuldram bends insert “The Council was not satisfied that radical cutting-back would be proportionate to the potential danger” and in item 14-07cl in place of “had drinks” insert “attended a reception”, it was proposed by Cllr Mrs Parks and seconded by Cllr Mrs Cobbold RESOLVED to approve the minutes of the Meeting held on 15th May 2007 and that they be signed by the Chairman.

20-07cl. Matters arising from the Minutes dated 15th May 2007
i) Min 8-07cl ii) Hedge cutting – the Clerk has been awaiting the name and contact details of the landowner concerned to write about the hedge on Main Road.
ii) Min 8-07cl iv) New Councillors training – The Clerk to Hunston and Bosham had arranged some training for new clerks on the evening of 11th June. Cllr Cobbold and Cllr Leach had attended. There is still further training available for the remaining new councillors on 29-30 June and 30 June – 1 July at Dunford House, or there will undoubtedly be other courses in the future.
iii) Re the emergency mentioned in the April minutes – there have been a couple of meetings with the Council so residents can send off to the insurers to see if they can pay for it.

21-07cl. Clerk’s Report including:
a) WSCC Reports, highways matters and correspondence
i) WSCC has sent details of their Clerking Agency for anyone who may wish to become a Clerk to school governors. This was noted.
ii) Copies have been received of details of the County Local Committees Community Grant Scheme.
b) CDC Reports including correspondence
i) CDC has sent a copy of “A Wealth of Wildlife” the Local Biodiversity Action Plan for councillors to read and it has been placed in the correspondence file.
c) other related matters
i) The Environment Agency has sent copies of the third newsletter on the Pagham to East Head consultation for any councillors who are interested. This was noted.
ii) Mike Thomas has written to thank the Council for returning the £4000 which belongs to the Village Hall.
iii) The JustASKus community information service has written to inform the Council of their services. Leaflets are available for councillors and a poster will be put up on the board outside the Hall.
iv) Action in Rural Sussex has sent their Annual Review of 2006-7. This has been placed in the Correspondence file for circulation.
v) Icis – Information for Life has sent leaflets for councillors and others – this was noted.
vi) West Sussex EESI project has sent information to the Council. This was noted.
vi) The Standards Board for England has sent updated copies of the Code of Conduct and a summary booklet for all councillors to keep. The Clerk has been advised that when the Council adopted the Code of Conduct at the May meeting it should have specifically stated that it wishes to adopt Item 12(2) which allows members with an interest to speak on a matter before leaving during the debate and vote. It was therefore proposed by Cllr Tilbury and seconded by Cllr Meynell RESOLVED to adopt item 12 (2) of the Code of Conduct.
vii) The Clerk had asked the Chairman if she could attend a Clerks’ networking day on 3rd July and he had agreed. It was proposed by Cllr Tilbury and seconded by Cllr Howat RESOLVED to approve this.

22-07cl. Planning matters including CDC decisions
A paper detailing these had been circulated to all councillors.
In Martins Lane a new drive has been laid and all the spoil has been placed in the ditch outside which may cause flooding. The Chairman will ask enforcement to inspect this and comment. A resident has commented on the advertisements outside Premier Motorhomes, and many of the conditions of the planning permission are being broken. The Chairman will also raise this with Enforcement. Another resident has told a councillor that the school has sent out a letter saying that the Council is against the plans for footpaths. The Chairman will take this up with the County Council.
Plans to be considered by the Council:

BI/07/02062/ELD – Houseboat Infinity, Chichester Canal, PO20 7EJ – Permanent mooring for a houseboat used residentially – it was proposed by Cllr Ms Leach and seconded by Cllr Mrs Cobbold RESOLVED NO OBJECTION

BI/07/02294/DOM – Mr RV Treagust, Garden Cottage, Pinks Lane, Birdham PO20 7HX – Erection of a garage for high vehicles – it was agreed to hold a site visit.

BI/07/01987/DOM – Mr and Mrs Trice, Dyke Cottage, Lock Lane, Birdham PO20 7BB – New double garage, two storey side extension, solar panels and rooflights to roof, balcony and rear elevation. It was proposed by Cllr Meynell and seconded by Cllr Howat RESOLVED NO OBJECTION

Plans considered since the last meeting to be ratified:

BI/07/01680/DOM – Mr and Mrs J O’Brien, Cross Lanes, Batchmere Road, Birdham PO20 7LJ – Construction of new first single storey extension to form master bedroom, enlarged lounge, bathroom and bedroom 2. Construction of a new conservatory.
The Council raises NO OBJECTION to this application but wishes to make the following comments. This site is in a prominent position in a rural location and disappointment has been expressed by local residents at the hard edged appearance already achieved by the replacement of a long established hedge line by a metre high brick wall. We would like to see a specific environmental plan to soften the effect of this wall as part of the soft landscaping referred to in the application. We were also concerned that the extension proposed exceeds by some way the rule of thumb 50 to 70% of the area of the existing building. We believe that, on this site, this is not a material consideration but would not want it to be seen as a precedent for other applications in this area. We would draw the attention of the planning officers to this.

BI/07/01878/FUL – Mr and Mrs T Fuller, 24, Greenacres, Birdham PO20 7HL – construction of new 2 storey single family dwelling and relocated pool following demolition of existing house and outbuildings.
The Council raised no objection to the previous plan on this site and recognises that the resubmission is an improvement even on that. We believe that this example of the most modern practice in design and building technique will make a significant contribution to the quality and interest of the building stock of the Parish. We have considered carefully its location both in relation to adjacent properties and to Chichester Harbour and are satisfied that it is a suitable building for this site. We have considered the materials and make only two comments: we note that there is no increase in the area of glass over the existing building but hope that that care will be taken to avoid any reflected glare towards the Harbour; and we wonder if terne-coated steel has been considered for the roof instead of grey tiles. We recognise that grey paint will be environmentally sensitive here and is used extensively on neighbouring properties. We believe this building will involve no loss of amenity to neighbours or to those using the Harbour. We therefore continue to raise NO OBJECTION to this application.

BI/07/02525/TPA – Rowan Nursery, Bell Lane, Birdham – Reduce height by 25% on 3 no. Monterey pine trees. Reduce by 2m 2 no. low limbs on north side of eastern Monterey pine (of the three). Reduce by 2m 3 no. low limbs on western Monterey pine tree (of the three). All three trees within Group G2, subject to TPO/14/BI.
We have visited the site and seen the trees. The Monterey pines appear to be a little less than one hundred years old and are striking trees. This application is from a neighbour of Rowan Nursery; the trees are on the Nursery side of the boundary between the two properties. The first application is to reduce the height of the trees by 25%, to improve the light to 24 Pipers Mead. The Council OPPOSES such an application and has consistently resisted the lopping of perfectly healthy trees simply because housing development has taken place in their vicinity. The trees would have been perfectly apparent to the owner of the property at the time of purchase. Experience on this site also suggests that the consequence of lopping off the tops would be to encourage growth lower down which has made similar trees on the site vulnerable to wind damage in the past. The second application is to reduce by two metres two lower limbs on the north side of the east tree. The third application is to reduce by two metres three lower limbs on the west tree. Both of these applications appear to be for cosmetic reasons. Having seen the trees, the Council is of the view that a certain amount of management of these trees would be reasonable. There are some branches which are leafless and may be dead. These might be removed. We would be happy for a qualified tree surgeon to inspect the trees and to recommend only such work as is necessary for their conservation and good management.

It was proposed by Cllr Mrs Parks and seconded by Cllr Mrs Cobbold RESOLVED to ratify the decisions taken since the last meeting.

CDC Decisions:

BI/07/00675/DOM – Garden cottage, Bell Lane, Birdham PO20 7HX – erection of garage for a high vehicle – REFUSE

BI/07/01489/DOM – Coombers Barn Farm, Birdham Road, Birdham PO20 7BX – erect single storey oak framed utility room and erect single storey oak framed sun room with balcony over - PERMIT

23-07cl. Correspondence
Correspondence to be circulated includes:

The Local Column May-June 2007
CPRE Sussex Review Summer 2007
CDC Local Biodiversity Plan 2007-2010
Chichester Harbour Conservancy – New Forum for Harbour Users
- Funds available for community projects
CPRE Fieldwork June 2007
WSCC Forward Plan of Key Decisions June- September 2007
July – October 2007

24-07cl. Reports
i) Village Hall – the Chairman reported there will be meetings of executive and full trust in early July. New trust deed is still being sorted out.
ii) Play Area and Playing Field – Rospa inspector has spoken to the Clerk and has carried out the inspection which should be available shortly – also Clerk to ask Geof Muffet to look at post at far end (from hall) of play area.
iii) Village Green and Pond – no need to inspect every year – every three years is sufficient. Pump on green in box and not very attractive. Cllr Howat and Cllr Tilbury to look at it.
iv) Neighbourhood Watch – Wendy Pitty has reported that in Bell Lane an elderly occupant was in the garden and the unsecured house was broken into and cash was stolen. Also in Birdham Road, Chichester, a young boy knocked on the door looking for a missing cat. The householder went to look and the house was broken into and money taken.
v) Tree Wardens – the Clerk reported that on Monday 21st May she and the Chairman had met with the tree surgeon and had shown him all the trees on the field and the Green. He has reported on these and copies have been circulated to all Councillors. After discussion it was agreed to consider this document and decide what work should be done and take it from there.

25-07cl. Finance
Copies of the Financial Situation Report had been circulated to all councillors.

Payments made since the last meeting to be ratified:

Clerk’s salary (May) 530.33
Adrian Dover (grass, April) 88.00
CDC (grass, includes 29.80 VAT) 200.08

Receipts, current account (VAT reclaim) 955.86

Receipts, deposit account (interest) 122.53

Receipts, village hall account – nil

Payments to be considered:

Mrs Geary, litter, June 65.00
CDC, grass, includes 29.80 VAT 200.08
Mr Tilbury, zip bags for correspondence includes 1.39 VAT 7.96
Mrs Rees, book for Bob Norris’s retirement 20.00
The Information Commissioner, renewal of data protection 35.00
Owen Higby, honorarium for internal audit 100.00
Arbortech (Consultancy) tree survey 250.00
Clerk’s expenses, includes 8.28 VAT 81.22
The Samaritans (Sec 137) 100.00
4Sight (Sec 137) 100.00
Victim Support (Sec 137) 100.00
Manhood Mobility (Sec 137) 300.00
Citizens’ Advice Bureau (Sec 137) 150.00

(The last five as agreed on 15th May 2007)

Notes: The clerk did not move the sums referred to in the last report but is about to do so this week.

It was proposed by Cllr Meynell and seconded by Cllr Tilbury RESOLVED to approve the Financial Report.

26-07cl. Reports of meetings attended by councillors
Peninsula Community Forum – no report.
Cllr Tilbury gave a very brief report on the West Sussex High Quality Waste Facilities Supplementary Planning Document. He also gave a brief update on the Local Development Framework.

27-07cl. Public session nobody wished to speak.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.50pm