Minutes July 2003

Minutes July 2003

Minutes of the Meeting held on Monday 21st July 2003 at Birdham Village Hall at 7pm

Cllr Tilbury; Cllr Mrs Parks; Cllr Mrs Rees; Cllr Drew; Cllr Mrs Baillieu; Cllr Kyte; Cllr Ms Huskisson; Cllr Churchill; Cllr Meynell

In attendance:
Cllr Davies, 2 members of the public (until item 5) and the Clerk.

38-03cl Apologies for absence
were received from Cllr Meynell for lateness.

39-03cl Approve and sign the Minutes of the Meeting dated 16th June 2003
It was proposed by Cllr Mrs Parks and seconded by Cllr Mrs Rees RESOLVED that the Minutes be approved and signed by the Chairman.

40-03cl Matters arising from the Minutes dated 16th June 2003

i) Min 29-03cl (i) Alandale Road – after discussion of the following resolution it was proposed by Cllr Mrs Rees and was seconded by Cllr Drew RESOLVED to approve the resolution “That this Council withdraws its assertion of ownership of land at Alandale Road, resolved at our meeting on December 16th 2002, and instructs the Clerk to inform the Land Registry of this decision”.

ii) Min 29-03cl (ii) Plaque under wall hanging – Cllr Drew reported that it has only just been made ready and he intends to collect it and fix it this week.

iii) Min 29-03cl (iii) School governorships – the Clerk reported that she has received letters both from WSCC and Birdham School saying that they will consider Cllr Baillieu when they next have a vacancy for a governor.
iv) Min 29-03cl (iv) Westlands footpath – the Chairman has spoken to John Fitzmaurice and put him in touch with John Perks who deals with these matters at WSCC to consult over both Health and Safety aspects of any works and also any points about disability access.

41-03cl Clerk’s Report including:

a) WSCC Reports, highway matters and correspondence

i) The Chairman reported that he had been in contact with Steve Hodd and that Birdham Straight was to be re-surfaced next year between April and June. The Council hopes to be kept informed over all of this so it can have specific markings, quieter surface etc.

b) CDC Reports including correspondence

i) Discussion Forum – Parish Councils Online the Clerk reported on this initiative. The council decided not to become involved at this time.

ii) Chichester District Community Planning Bulletin – June 2003 – report on various initiatives was noted.

iii) Audit of Potential Social Housing Sites – the Council has been asked whether it can highlight any sites suitable for social housing. It decided to write that the only site it could readily identify would be the Pinks/Tamplins site on Birdham Straight, subject to a solution of the potential traffic problems at this site, but they would like to identify others in the future.

iv) The Next Steps – CDC’s Annual Performance Plan – Cllr Churchill agreed to read this for the Council and report to the September meeting.

v) Living Spaces – enabling communities to transform local places – grants of £1,000 to £100,000 are available to community groups to improve public spaces – it was decided to ask the Cricket Club if they would be interested.

vi) Parish Plan / Village Design Statements – guidance has been sent from CDC about how to go about making a Village Design Statement which could be incorporated into planning policy. The Council discussed this and asked the Clerk to find out more about it and bring it back to the next meeting.

vii) Public Environmental Action Displays – display boards can be borrowed with information on a number of environmental topics to be used when a parish council holds meetings, coffee mornings etc. This was noted.

c) Other related matters

i) Consultation paper on indemnities for relevant authority members and officers – the Clerk offered to read this and report to September’s meeting as responses are not due in until early October.

ii) Office of the Deputy Prime Minister – Ethical Framework Regulations – these came into force on 30th June. Basically they refer to how the Standards Committee will work.

iii) Action in Rural Sussex – Village Hall Briefing – the Chairman agreed to read this for the Council.

iv) Wicksteed Leisure have drawn the Council’s attention to the effects of the Disability Discrimination Act provisions coming into force on 1st October 2004 will relate to Children’s Play Areas, which need to offer similar experiences to children both with or without disabilities. The Council decided that the Chair would talk to Mrs Woodruff about this.

v) The Office of the Information Commissioner has written to confirm the renewal of the Council’s registration. This was noted.

vi) The Environment Agency will be holding a Sussex Flood Warning Road Show in South Street Car Park, Emsworth on Wednesday 10th September from 2-6 pm. Cllr Ms Huskisson agreed to try to attend for the Council.

vii) The Planning Inspectorate re South Downs National Park Enquiry – the Council is assured that although it has not said that it wishes to appear at this enquiry, its written comments will be taken into account at the enquiry. If the Council wishes to submit further written representations they should be sent by 29th September 2003. It was felt that the Council had already said everything it wished to say.

viii) Defra has sent a booklet about the Quality Parishes and Town Councils scheme. Cllr Mrs Rees agreed to read it for the Council and report to the next meeting.

ix) The Cricket Club has asked whether they could rent the playing field from the beginning of September for Sunday morning football matches. They will use their own changing facilities, and will arrange the marking of the pitch, but they require exclusive use. They have offered to pay £25 per week. The Council agreed to accept this offer and the Chairman agreed to try to contact Dave Harriott, who currently uses the pitch at certain times and owes the Council rent.

42-03cl Planning Matters including CDC decisions

A paper detailing these matters had been circulated to all councillors.

Planning Applications decided by the Council to be ratified:

BI/03/01546/TPA – Mrs Francis, Little Copse, Westlands Estate, Birdham PO20 7HJ – reduce one lower eastern limb of oak by 5-6 metres – NO OBJECTION – the Council felt these trees should be managed as they overhang a footpath and could cause accidents.

BI/03/01689/COU – H Handford re Pinks Ltd, Birdham Road, Birdham, Chichester – Change of use from vacant engineering works to indoor kart track - OBJECT on grounds of
i) The documentation supplied is insufficient and does not show that any of the Council’s first objections to the proposal have been met.
ii) The Council’s previous objections still apply: that this is not a sustainable development and it is unlikely to be of economic or social benefit to the village. Also, at least part of it is in the AONB, and it will increase problems on Birdham Straight as it is next to the 40 mph limit.
iii) The business will employ so few people that it is unlikely to bring any economic benefit to the Parish.
iv) The amount of car-parking space at 48 units (of which only 25 are identified on the plan) indicate either
a) an underestimation of the likely numbers using the facility, or
b) an indication of the amount of extra traffic on a rolling basis (that is, 48 vehicle movements continuously during the working day) which formed part of our original objection.

It was proposed by Cllr Tilbury and seconded by Cllr Meynell RESOLVED to ratify the decisions taken by the Council.

Plan to be considered:

BI/03/01824/DOM – Mr and Mrs J Powell, Pooh Corner, Westlands, Birdham PO20 7HJ – single storey extensions to existing to form new granny annexe. It was proposed by Cllr Mrs Rees and seconded by Cllr Drew RESOLVED – NO OBJECTION but it was hoped that the extension on the North side will not adversely effect the close proximity of trees on the northern boundary.

Withdrawal of Appeal

BI/02/02536/FUL and BI/02/02537/LBC – Mr and Mrs DA Segel, Chaffinches Farm, Main Road, Birdham, PO20 7BY – have now been withdrawn so the inquiry will not now be heard.

From the Planning Inspectorate

Strides Field Planning Inquiry will be held from 26th November 2003 in Committee Room 1, CDC offices, East Pallant House at 10 am. Anyone wishing to give evidence must attend on the first morning so that the Inspector can determine the order of appearances.

CDC Decisions:

BI/03/00526/OUT – E Allman and Co Ltd, Main Road, Birdham – New light industrial unit and retrospective consent for the increase in site area to include new parking – PERMIT

BI/03/01222/REN – Mr RF Stirland, 4 The Triangle, Birdham PO20 7HG – Outline residential 1 no. dwelling house and garage – PERMIT

BI/03/01546/TPA – Mrs D Francis, Little Copse, Westlands Estate, Birdham PO20 7HJ – Reduce one lower limb by 5-6 metres of an oak tree within woodland W1, subject to TPO/9/BI – PERMIT

BI/03/01143/FUL – Premier Marinas Ltd, Chichester Marina, Birdham PO20 7EJ – New pontoon including fixed pile – PERMIT

BI/03/01285/DOM – Mr and Mrs R Meynell, Broomfield Studio, Lock Lane, Birdham PO20 7BA – Single storey rear extension – REFUSE

BI/03/01449/LBC – Mr and Mrs P Glynn, The Thatched Cottage, Shipton Green, Itchenor, PO20 7BZ – Minor revisions to approval BI/02/01604/LBC – removal of hall/sitting room wall, adjustments to ground floor bathroom, toilet and shower walls – PERMIT

BI/03/01114/FUL and BI/03/01113/LBC – Mr and Mrs Segel re Chaffinches Farm, Main Road, Birdham PO20 7BY – Change of use of existing stable block to residential use and associated works. Refurbishment of existing stable buildings – PERMIT

BI/03/011191/LBC and BI/03/01200/DOM – Mr and Mrs Segel re Chaffinches Farm – erection of garaging - PERMIT

BI/03/00323/ELD – A Cowell, Beaver Lodge, Bell Lane, Birdham – Occupation of the dwelling in breach of the agricultural occupancy condition imposed by BI/12/64E for a period of in excess of ten years before the date of this application – IS LAWFUL

43-03cl Correspondence

Correspondence to be circulated includes:
· Sussex Police – Selsey Police Station – opening of front office
· Clerks and Councils Direct – July 2003
· WSCC – Connections July 2003
· CDC Initiatives Summer 2003
· Play today July-August 2003
· West Sussex Health and Social Care Spotlight Summer 2003
· Local Council Review July 2003
· Chichester Ship Canal Trust Newsletter Summer 2003
· BTCV Practical Conservation Diary April-June 2003
· West Sussex Community transport Directory 9th Edition
· WSCC Forward Plan of Key Decisions July –October 2003
· Sepco – Information on solar lighting

The Clerk expressed her concern that correspondence was not returning to her after circulation and requested councillors to deal with it as quickly as possible.

44-03cl Reports:

i) Village Hall – the Chairman reported that he had spoken to John Wood-Roe about the possible plans for the hall. The matter was referred back to the working party of Cllrs Tilbury, Meynell and Mrs Rees. They will report to next meeting.

ii) Play Area Report and Playing Field – the Clerk reported that she has been in touch with Adrian Dover who is looking into turfing the area around the new swings, but new turf will have to be watered daily once installed. The Council agreed to wait until the autumn and seed the ground. The play Area has been checked every week and is fine. Cllr Kyte asked if the mounds of earth could be removed from the corner of Farne Lane.

iii) Village Green and Pond – David Fanchi had said that there is a delay over the sale of the rest of the field, so the pond is also delayed. Adrian Dover has been asked to cut the parrot weed again.

iv) Footpaths and Bridleways – Enquiry re horse riding on Alandale Road was answered by saying it is not a bridleway.

v) Neighbourhood Watch – Boats are being stolen from trailers.

vi) Other – Chichester Canal – water level has dropped by over a foot – problem with an abstraction licence being granted with no limit on amount of water being abstracted. Agreed to write to the Environment Agency and the District Council about the right of residents and to point out about the negligence of the way licence has been granted.
Thanks were given by MMVS about the grant application. Write to District Council to ask for more frequent emptying of the glass recycling bins at Birdham Village Hall. Raffle tickets for Village Hall will be available.

45-03cl Finance

A Financial Situation Report had been circulated to all councillors:
Payments made since the last meeting to be ratified:

Standing order to Saskia Heasman (June salary) 377.30
Adrian Dover (grass) 58.00
CDC grass cutting (includes 26.25 VAT) 176.25
Allianz Cornhill Insurance plc (additional premium) 66.09
Bank charge 5.00
Payment for photocopier (includes 22.87 VAT) 153.52

Receipts, current account Photocopies 28.05
Playing field rental 50.00

Receipts, Village Hall account none

Receipts, BRA none

Payments to be considered:

Clerk’s expenses (see separate sheet) 76.85
Southern Electric (street lighting electricity, includes 4.54 VAT) 95.44
CDC charges for uncontested PC election 194.10
Chichester Ship Canal Trust – membership 15.00
4 SIGHT (donation Sec 137) 50.00
Mrs Geary (litter, July) 65.00
Adrian Dover grass 61.00
Manhood Mobility Volunteer Services (contribution to grant, agreed
In Minute 99-02cl on 20 Jan 2003) 322.50
Archibald Shaw Ltd (advice on hall roof – inc £52.50 VAT) 352.50
CDC (grass cutting includes £39.38 VAT) 264.38

In order to pay outstanding bills the Clerk transferred £500 from the BRA to the current account on 7th July and £1000 on 14th July. She will transfer a further £1000 from 28th July to cover some of these outstanding payments.

She has now received a receipt from Wicksteeds for the swings and has written to CDC for the grant which has been awarded to the Council.

It was proposed by Cllr Parks and seconded by Cllr Rees RESOLVED to approve the Financial Report.

46-03 cl Reports of meetings attended by Councillors - none

47-03ccl To Consider any urgent matters which the Chairman may wish to lay before the Council

Concern about trees at end of Birdham Straight – Chairman had contacted WSCC Highways Dept re this. Clerk to be asked to write to owners of the land and point out the hazard. Also concern about development of Roundstone Nurseries at Almodington. The Council has already written about this. Clerk to write further about this.

48-03cl Public Session There was nothing to report.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.48pm