Child care services and fees

Child care services and fees

This information is for parents and carers using childcare provision.

Businesses behaving unfairly during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

During COVID-19, the Government expects childcare providers to comply with the law and take a reasonable and proportionate approach to parents’ fees, considering these unprecedented circumstances, and to communicate any arrangements clearly with them.

If you feel you have been affected by unfair charges for your childcare during COVID-19, you can report it online to the Competitions and Markets Authority (CMA).

30 hours free childcare and/or tax-free childcare

If you are temporarily not meeting the minimum income requirement for 30 hours free childcare and/or tax-free childcare as a direct consequence of COVID-19 and would normally meet the threshold for these schemes or you are a critical worker that has temporarily exceeded the maximum threshold, you could still be treated as eligible.

You should continue to apply or reconfirm if you have a childcare account already. You will be contacted if you need to supply further evidence of eligibility.

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