Agenda for the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council 21st May 2012

Agenda for the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council 21st May 2012


Birdham Parish Council

28 Langdale Avenue, Chichester, West Sussex, PO19 8JQ

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Clerk to the Council : David J Siggs




 I hereby give you notice that the Annual Meeting of Birdham Parish Council is to be held on Monday 21st May 2012 in the Main Hall at Birdham Village Hall at 7pm and all members of the Council are hereby summoned to attend

David J Siggs - Clerk to the Council


1. Election of Chairman

2. Election of Vice-Chairman

3. Public Question Time. In accordance with Standing Orders 1d – 1l

4. Approve and sign the minutes of the meeting held on 16th April 2012

5. Declaration of interests

6. Matters arising

i) Land bequeathed to the Council

7. To appoint Members to outside bodies;

i) Play Park & Playing Field

ii) Civil Protection Emergency Planning

iii) Village Hall Trustees

iv) Manhood Mobility Volunteer Service

v) Peninsula Community Forum

8. Clerk’s Report including:

i) WSCC Reports, highways matters and correspondence

ii) CDC reports including correspondence

iii) Other related matters

v) Reports from Members of WSCC/CDC if appropriate

9. To consider and approve councillor membership of the following committees and working groups.

i) Staffing Committee

ii) Communications Working Group

iii) Emergency Planning Working Group

10. To receive the Findings of the Assessment Sub-Committee of Chichester District Council’s Standards Committee.

11. To receive and agree Terms of Reference for the Staffing Committee.

12. To determine the way forward on Neighbourhood Planning. – Cllr Mrs Finch to report and Propose.

13. Emergency Planning – Cllr Crossley to report

14. Planning matters including applications and CDC decisions


BI/12/00146/FUL Mr Simon Cobden Land North Of Cowdry Nursery Sidlesham Lane Birdham

Agricultural barn. (Deferred from 16th April Meeting)

BI/12/01196/LBC Mr & Mrs A MacDonald The Thatched House  Birdham Road

Alterations and two-storey extension to Listed Building. Change of use and extensions to outbuildings to form 2 no. tourist units. (Deferred from 16th April Meeting)

BI/12/01330/DOM Mr Brian Mutter Field Cottage  Westlands Estate Birdham

Single storey extensions into courtyard; addition of carport; amendments to windows on north and east elevations.

BI/12/01569/DOM Mr D Segel Chaffinches Farm Main Road Birdham Single storey rear extension.

BI/12/01830/LBC Mr D Segel Chaffinches Farm Main Road Birdham

Single storey rear extension.  Replace existing flat roof timber porch on north elevation of main house with lean-to roof.  Remove flue from north elevation.  Replace existing leaded windows in rear dormer with white painted timber framed windows.  Remove internal wall from existing utility room and create separate cloakroom.  New door and smaller window in North elevation.

BI/12/01570/DOM Mrs Angela Palmer Palmers Pescotts Close Birdham

Erect a lateral pitched roof extension (one and a half stories) above the existing flat roofed garage and side extension. Increase the main ridge sufficiently to provide four bedrooms and two bathrooms making up for the two bedrooms removed as part of the reconfiguration of the ground floor accommodation.


BI/12/00542/DOM Mr Nicholas Hayes Havenhurst Sidlesham Lane Birdham

Proposed single storey side/rear extension including cloakroom. PERMIT

 BI/12/00640/LBC Mr And Mrs Nick Von Schirnding Hammonds Farm Westlands Lane Birdham

Internal and external alterations including replacement of windows and doors beyond repair, new internal opening. Replace internal doors and staircase furniture. Remove partition, relocate boiler flue and remove treatment on exposed timbers. PERMIT

 BI/11/05313/FUL Mr Chris Milton Cowdry Nursery Sidlesham Lane Birdham

Siting of 1 no. mobile home and amenity buildings for gypsy use only. REFUSE

 BI/12/01166/FUL C E A Settlement Trust GWA Auto Barn Birdham Road Birdham

Erection of covered parking for car preparation. PERMIT

15. Correspondence - Not previously circulated

16. Reports:

i) Play area and playing field

ii) Village green and pond

iii) Police & Neighbourhood Watch

v) Communication Working Party – Report from Cllr Finch attached

iv) Other

17. Finance

i) To receive and approve a financial report

ii) To receive and approve the report of the Internal Auditor

iii) To approve and sign the External Audit Report

18. Reports of meetings attended by councillors






Birdham Parish Council

28 Langdale Avenue, Chichester, West Sussex, PO19 8JQ

Tel : 01243 790402  Fax : 01243 784478

Email : Website :

Clerk to the Council : David J Siggs





REPORTING TO: Birdham Parish Council



  1. To consider and deal with any matters concerning the Council’s employees.
  2. To exercise the powers delegated to the committee on behalf of the Parish Council as set out below.
  3. To approve or comment upon actions taken and reported by the Clerk on employment matters.



  • To approve and amend contracts of employment, remuneration and conditions of service where covered by the NJC for Local Government Services’ National Agreement on Pay & Conditions of Service.
  • To address all issues involving the selection, conduct, performance, competence and termination of employment of the Council’s staff.
  • To carry out Staff Appraisals on an Annual basis.
  • To review and address employees’ training and development needs.
  • To review the Council’s staffing arrangements and recommend appropriate changes to the Council.


  1. TO INCUR EXPENDITURE ON BEHALF OF THE COUNCIL: (where already provided within the agreed revenue budget and excluding any items incurring capital expenditure) on:-
  • Remuneration, expenses and training for employees
  • Training for Council Members & staff on matters connected with the Council’s role and functions as an employer.


MEETINGS: Scheduled meetings twice a year and ad-hoc meetings as required


MEMBERSHIP: Maximum of 4 Councillors to be appointed for each Council year including the Vice-Chairman of Council






PUBLIC PARTICIPATION: Meetings not normally open to the public on the grounds that the agendas normally concern the conduct and terms of service of employees.


WORKING PARTIES: May be set up for specific time-limited tasks as required




Birdham Parish Council minute number …………….  Dated …………….








Neighbourhood Planning (and Village Plans) – Cllr Finch

In January the Parish Council resolved to proceed with a Neighbourhood Plan and in February resolved to give the clerk authority to commence the process via AiRS. In the April meeting Ms Faustino Bayo from AiRS presented ‘An Introduction to Neighbourhood Planning’ to the council. In addition the district council are now showing increased signs of support for parishes wishing to undergo this process.

In the next couple of months there are two opportunities to start engaging our community and with this in mind I propose the following for the May meeting:

  1. To resolve to place in the June newsletter (due for printing end of May)  a request for volunteers from the electoral parish and Birdham businesses to form a Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group with parish councillors. Names to be submitted to the clerk before the July meeting.
  2. To resolve to promote the Neighbourhood Plan/Village Plan concept at the Jubilee Fete on 14th July.

I have included ‘Village Plan’ in this because we know residents have wider concerns and interests than just land use and additional information we gather that doesn’t fit into the Neighbourhood Plan can go into a linked Village Plan.





Report on progress of the Communications Working Party, Council Year 2011/12, including proposals for terms of reference for Council Year 2012/13

During the June 2011 Council meeting the council resolved to set up a Communications Working Party to drive forward the communication proposals put forward by Councillors Finch and Grafham. This report is based around that proposal document (see Minutes June 2011). In addition new terms of reference are proposed for the Communications Working Party for the coming council year.


To extend the presence of councillors in the Village Hall before and/or after the monthly meeting’

Most councillors arrive early enough to engage with residents before the start of meetings and the natural activities of clearing away enable additional discussions to take place. Documented attendance during this council year has been much higher than recorded in previous years, although this has to be considered against the background of contentious agenda items.

Additional meetings have been held with a less formal framework, these have been well attended and proved popular with residents.

‘To hold a ‘surgery’ in a smaller location and/or at different times (not just a weekday evening for example)’

In Birdham the question is one of suitable facilities, however this option should be reconsidered as part of the proposals for engagement for the Neighbourhood Plan

‘To have a welcome party for new residents, in collaboration with the Church’

This proposal will be a project in council year 2012/13, with timing of the inaugural ‘party’ depending on funding.

Printed Communication:

‘To assign production of the newsletter as an action’ ‘To issue the newsletter at the intervals detailed above and before the council meeting of the month in question, except this year to issue in July to get the process started again and introduce the new council’

‘To agree a delivery scheme which ensures delivery areas are fair and appropriate (covers Birdham parish)’ ‘To encourage residents to register for delivery of newsletters and notices via email to reduce paper/printing costs and delivery’ ‘To determine an appropriate, cost effective and sustainable method of printing’

In the council year 2011/12 the Communications Working Party produced newsletters in July, September, December and March, with processes and responsibilities now in place to enable on-going quarterly production and delivery. This form of engagement has proved very popular with residents with feedback being positive and generally voluntarily offered. In addition the Communications Working Party has coordinated the writing and distribution of additional notices to residents and creation of additional posters and other materials for extra meetings. The delivery scheme covers the whole electoral parish and apart from the occasional missed or duplicated household has worked reasonably well. Some routes have been re-jigged and three volunteers are now listed to help. Current printing is via internet based suppliers as this has proved most cost effective, however on-going efforts to sign residents up for e-delivery have yet to realise the hoped for savings. Currently under consideration is the use of sponsorship to cover some of the costs.

‘To prepare material about Birdham Parish Council for inclusion in the Church welcome pack’ ‘To assist the Church in identifying new residents’

Investigations have determined the welcome pack for residents has lapsed, however this will be a project in collaboration with Ian Strong in the council year 2012/13.

Electronic Communication:

To review the options and costs for updating the website, e.g. updating the current site or redevelopment with a new provider’ ‘To review the content provided on the website’ ‘To consider how the user interacts with the council via the website’ ‘To include relevant links to other local organisations and businesses’ ‘To include the website address in all other communications, e.g. the newsletter’ ‘To engage with social media sites, e.g. Facebook and Twitter, both of which are well-used by other councils and council associations’ ‘To engage with SALC and NALC to seek advice/review guidelines for on-line communication’ ‘To create a working group to manage the process of review and set a ‘project schedule’, breaking the process down into manageable stages with delivery milestones’ ‘To provide links to CDC/WSCC items which are coming up’ ‘To post items to website/Facebook about future items/issues/events which may be up for discussion at later meetings than the next one’ ‘To post all documents (correspondence, etc.) that may be requested under FOI’ ‘To list parish/district/county councillors relevant to Birdham on website and noticeboards’ ‘To provide contact details on the website/noticeboards for those happy to have these publically available’ ‘To provide a photo on the website of those happy to have a photo’ ‘To put a group photo of the parish councillors into the July newsletter’ ‘To include informative pieces on the website covering the duties and responsibilities of the council, how parish councils work, planning, current newsletter, etc’ To create a ‘sister site’ to contain non-council information such as links to Birdham businesses, Village Hall, etc’

Thanks to the hard work of Councillor Grafham and the Clerk the new web-site was launched in April 2012 and continues to grow. Residents do use the web-site, as evidenced by the queries and comments in Council meetings. The web-site has the flexibility to expand and in council year 2012/13 the Communications Working Party will investigate and develop specific proposals on content to support Birdham social groups and businesses. To encourage the use of electronic communication the web-site will be demonstrated at the Village Fete in July. In addition both Facebook and Twitter have been used to engage with residents.


In conclusion, the efforts of the council to engage with residents through a variety of forms of communication in the council year 2011/12 have proved successful. This is largely due to the formation of the Communications Working Party, which has provided a suitable framework to ensure councillor activities remain focussed, effective and on track.




The following Communications Working Party Terms of Reference are proposed for adoption at the Annual meeting of the Council on May 21st 2012:

  1. The Communications Working Party to comprise three core members nominated by Council, with additional input as required by any councillor and oversight from the clerk.
  2. The Communications Working Party to manage the quarterly newsletter as follows: collate articles, create draft newsletter, request approval from councillors via email, gain final approval to proceed from clerk via email, print and distribute hard copies prior to the council meeting of the month of publication. Clerk to distribute e-copies to any residents who have requested this service. E-copies may also be distributed to non-residents with their permission by any councillor.
  3. The Communications Working Party to investigate, develop and bring to council for discussion and resolution such improvements and initiatives that will enhance communication and engagement with residents of Birdham electoral parish, with due consideration for hard to reach groups.
  4. The Communications Working Party to act as a resource to assist any other committee, sub-committee and working party formed by the council, within the terms of reference of this working party.