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Neighbourhood Planning Documents submitted to Chichester District Council

Basic Conditions Statement Birdham November 2014

Birdham Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Statement October 2014

Birdham Neighbrhood Plan Pre-submission comments and responses October 2014

Birdham Parish Neighbourhood Plan - Submission

Letter of Determination

Agenda for the Parish Council Meeting to be held on the 17th November 2014


Birdham Parish Council

28 Langdale Avenue, Chichester, West Sussex, PO19 8JQ

Tel : 01243 790402

Email : clerk@birdhamparishcouncil.org.uk Website : www.birdham.org.uk

Clerk to the Council : David J Siggs


Members are hereby summoned to attend a Meeting of Birdham Parish Council to be held at 7pm on Monday the 17th November 2014 in the Main Hall at Birdham Village Hall, Birdham.

David J Siggs - Clerk to the Council


1. Election of Vice Chairman for the remainder of the Council year

2. Public Question Time: (In accordance with Standing Orders 1d – 1l)

3. Declaration of interests and granting of dispensations if any

4. Approve and sign the minutes of the meeting held on 20th October 2014 and the minutes of the Extra    Ordinary meeting held on the 3rd November 2014

5. Matters Arising

i) Land bequest to the Council

6. Clerks Report including:

i) WSCC Reports, highways matters and correspondence

ii) CDC Reports including correspondence

iii) To receive reports from Division Members of WSCC and Ward Members of CDC as appropriate.

iv) Other related matters

7. Finance and corporate:

i) To receive and approve a financial report.

ii) To consider the application by the BVRA for a grant of £1500.00 deferred from the 20th October meeting.

8. Planning matters including applications and CDC delegated decisions.

i) To receive and approve the Minutes of the Planning Committee of the 29th September 2014 deferred from the meeting of the 20th October.

ii) Planning Applications to be decided.

BI/14/03574/DOM - C/O Agent Manhood Cottage  Birdham Road

Single storey rear extension and two storey side extension.

BI/14/03436/ELD - Mr Paul Knappett Kellys Farm  Bell Lane Birdham

Used as an office for over 10 years.

BI/14/03697/DOM - Mr & Mrs Chamberlain Skylarks  Pescotts Close Birdham

New porch, raise existing roof and insertion of small dormer windows and rooflights and rear extension

BI/14/03703/DOM - Mr & Mrs Morelli 11 Greenacres Birdham

Ground floor extension and internal alterations. First floor extension to west facing elevation and internal alterations. Roof converted to provide master bedroom and en-suite.

BI/14/03706/TPA - Mr S Apted Pict Fenn  Court Barn Lane Birdham

Fell 3 no. Holm Oak trees (T9, T10 and T11) and crown reduce by 6 m on western sector on 1 no. Horse Chestnut tree. All trees subject to BI/01/00040/TPO.

BI/14/03759/DOM - Other Dev - Householder Developments - 1 Alandale Road, Birdham,

Re-submission of previous application BI/14/00235/COHH Two storey side extension

iii) Delegated Decisions to be noted.

BI/13/00284/FUL Mr John Matuszewski (Martin Grant Homes) Rowan Nursery Bell Lane Birdham

Demolition of existing 2 bungalows and construction of 27 dwellings (including 10 affordable units), access road and associated landscaping.  Provision also of an alternative recreational area to the south, accessed via a footpath link. PERMIT WITH S106

BI/14/02543/COU Mr Adrian Howell Tawny Nurseries  Bell Lane Birdham

Change of use from certificated touring caravan site to a touring caravan site with 19 pitches and play area. PERMIT

BI/14/02627/TPA Mr Graeme Barnsley Chichester Marina  Chichester Marina Birdham

Fell 7 no. Poplar trees (T1, T2, T4, T5, T16, T17 and T22) and 1 no. Hawthorn tree (T28).  Crown reduce by 1m and crown lift by 3m (above ground level) on 1 no. Oak tree (T8).  Crown reduce by up to 2m and crown lift by 3m (above ground level) on 1 no. Willow tree (T18).  All within Group 'B' subject to BI/98/00035/TPO.  Crown reduce by 2m height and widths in all directions on 1 no. Oak tree (T29) (TPO no. T1 subject to BI/98/00035/TPO). PERMIT

BI/14/03048/DOM Mr & Mrs M Cole Westlands Lodge Westlands Estate Birdham

Demolition of existing conservatory and accommodation annex.  Construction of new replacement single storey annex. Construction of single storey rear and side extensions. Construction of new dormers to the existing upper rooms. New bay unit to the west elevation. PERMIT

9. Correspondence - Not previously circulated to be noted.

10. Reports

i)  Play area and playing field –

ii) Village Green and pond

iii) Condition of Village Drain/Ditch Network

iv) Police & Neighbourhood Watch

v) Communication Working Group

vi) Other -

11. Reports of meetings attended by Councillors

12. Items for inclusion on next agenda.

13. Date of Next Meeting Monday the 15th December 2014








Minutes of the Extra Odinary Meeting of the Parish Council held on the 3rd November 2014

Birdham Parish Council

 Minutes of the

Extra Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council

 held on Monday 3rd November 2014

at 7pm in Birdham Village Hall


Present:                     Cllr Barker, Cllr Hamilton, Cllr Cobbold and Cllr Finch, Cllr Pocock (Chairman)

and Cllr Ayton.

Apologies:                   Nil

In attendance:              The Clerk, Cllr Marshall (CDC) and 10 members of the public.

Absent:                        Cllr Churchill.

73-14 Declaration of Interests:

              Cllrs Finch, Cobbold, Barker and Ayton declared personal interests as members of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group.

74-14 To receive a presentation of the Neighbourhood Plan by the Chairman of the Steering Group.

              Cllr Finch as the lead Councillor and Chairman of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group outlined the various methodologies employed to bring the plan to the level it was now at. In doing so she went on to thank members of the Council, residents and the professional assistance from the planning advisor and from CDC Planners for all of the considerable help that had been given to the group.

Initially it had been considered by some that the work could be carried out fairly quickly however, to do the job properly it had taken nearly two years of hard work to reach the current stage and there was still more to do.

Data had been compiled from interviews, surveys and open days, from coffee mornings and data mining. The document that is now before the Council is the culmination of all that work. It now required the signing off by the Parish Council prior to submission to CDC. After the CDC submission there would be one other opportunity for consultation and comments to be made then CDC would propose three names of Inspectors from which the Parish would choose one. If the inspector was happy with the plan he/she would recommend that it be referred to referendum which would be organised and paid for by CDC. Assuming the referendum was successful then the document would be considered a legal document which would be used in all planning applications for Birdham.

75-14 Residents Questions relative to the Neighbourhood Plan.

              Q-If there are comments from the Inspector where do they go to?

A-Initially CDC would receive any comments from the Inspector and then feed them back to the Parish Council.

Q-If the Local Plan is not in force how does this reflect on the Neighbourhood Plan assuming it is accepted?

A-Provided there is no direct and obvious contradiction with the proposed Local Plan, there should be no problems. WSCC and CDC have seen the plan and have both been very helpful and complimentary.

Q-There have been various debates about the legality of a Neighbourhood Plan where a Local Plan does not exist. What happens in this case?

A-It has been considered that provided the Neighbourhood Plan is flexible enough to cover the policies in a draft Local Plan then again there would be no problems.

Q-It has been rumoured that the Leader of CDC has suggested that all Neighbourhood Plans in the District should be delayed pending the outcome of the currently disputed Local Plan.

A-The think is that the Neighbourhood Plan has sufficient flexibility built in to cater for any variation in the submitted Local Plan.                 

76-14 To determine the Parish Councils response to the proposed Neighbour Plan.

              Prior to the decision to be made by the Parish Council the Chairman asked all Councillors for their thoughts and comments on the proposed Neighbourhood Plan.

Cllr Hamilton said that she had read the document and was amazed at the quantity and quality of the work that had been carried out and supported the adoption of the Plan.

Cllr Cobbold said that she would very much like to thank the team who had put together the plan and for the considerable of time and dedication they had put in.

Cllr Ayton agreed with the two previous Councillors comments and wished his thanks to be added.

Cllr Barker agreed with all that had been said and added her thanks to the team.

Cllr Finch said that it had been a lot of very hard work involving lot of people who had put in lots of hours to reach this stage and in the main where unsung heroes.

Cllr Finch went on to propose that the Draft Neighbourhood Plan, as submitted, should be adopted by the Birdham Parish Council and submitted to the Chichester District Council as a matter of urgency.

The proposal was put to the vote and was resolved unanimously.

The Chairman in final summation said that he had been very concerned about elements of the Neighbourhood Plan in the early stages but was very pleased that his concerns had been dealt with and either considered or incorporated. In closing he thanks the various people who had put so much time and effort into the production of such a document.

77-14 Date of Next Meeting:


17th November 2014 at 7pm in Birdham Village Hall


There being no further business to discuss the meeting was declared closed at 7.25pm


Signed ___________________________   Dated ____________________



Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on the 20th October 2014

Birdham Parish Council

 Minutes of the

Meeting of the Parish Council

 held on Monday 20th October 2014

at 7pm in Birdham Village Hall

 Present:                     Cllr Barker, Cllr Hamilton, Cllr Pocock and Cllr Ayton.

Apologies:                   Cllr Cobbold and Cllr Finch.

In attendance:              The Clerk, Cllr Marshall (CDC) and 7 members of the public.

Absent:                        Cllr Churchill.

Prior to the commencement of the meeting the Clerk reported that he had received an email from Cllr Harker resigning from the Council with immediate effect. The reason for his resignation was cited as promotion within his employing company requiring a family move. The Clerk went on to say that an election for the position of Vice Chair which had been held by Cllr Harker would be carried out at the November meeting. Members expressed their thanks to Cllr Harker and commiserated with him on his enforced move.

59-14 Election of Chairman of the Council for the remainder of the Council Year.

              It was duly resolved that Cllr Pocock be elected as the Chairman for the remainder of the Council Year. After signing the Acceptance of Office Cllr Pocock took the Chair.

60-14 Public Question time in accordance with Standing Orders 1d -1l:

              The Chairman allowed a spokesman from Genesis Developments to address the Council and Residents present concerning their proposals to develop the property known as Ayton. The spokesperson suggested that conversations had been had with the planners at CDC who had suggested that the original number of five units should be reduced to four.

The Chairman said that members of the Council had been invited to a site visit by the developer which they had found to be useful to fully understand the proposal.

A resident asked if there would be any affordable housing. The answer was no. All units would be full market value housing.

Generally residents were concerned over the proximity of the exit from the development onto the busy round-about.

The Chairman said that there were a number of safety related issues and he would be looking to Highways to resolve them. He went on to suggest that should residents have further concerns to let the Council know.

A resident wished it be known that he and many others were grateful to the outgoing Chairman who they considered had been extremely proactive within the Council including the production of the newsletter and the intense amount of work on the Neighbourhood Plan.             

61-14 Declaration of Interests:

Cllrs Pocock and Ayton declared a personal and pecuniary interest in agenda item 7iv and would take no part in the decision making process.

62-14 Approve and sign the Minutes of the meeting held on the 15th September 2014:

It was resolved to adopt and sign the minutes of the 15th September 2014 as a true and accurate record.

63-14 Matters arising from the minutes of the 19th November 2012:

Minute 89-12 - Land Bequest. The Clerk said he had nothing to report at this stage.

64-14 Clerks’ Report:

i)       WSCC – There was nothing to report.

ii)      CDC – There was nothing to report.

iii)     Reports from Members of WSCC/CDC – Cllr Marshall said that he had looked at the Cabinet Papers and there appeared to be nothing of immediate importance. However, as most people had already heard complications had arisen at the position of the Local Plan which was being aggressively challenged by developers over the housing numbers. CDC Councillors had also expressed concerns at the possible response from the Southdown’s National Park Authority concerning housing numbers.

iv)     Other related matters – There were none.

65-14 Finance and Corporate:

i)    To receive and approve the financial report.

The Clerk presented the financial reports for the month of October (shown at annex a). The current balances for October are as follows;

Balances held at Bank £45342.87
Designated Funds £29654.17
Available Funds £15688.70
Creditors £  1204.76

The Clerk offered to answer any questions that Councillors may have.

It was resolved to adopt the Financial Report.

ii)   The Clerk said he had received notification from CDC concerning the New Homes Bonus (Parish Allocations) 2014/15 – Birdham Parish Council. He went on to say that two applications had been made and a total of £13265.00 had been granted to Birdham in two parts, subject to a resolution by Council of the conditions attached to each application. The first application which was for the supply and installation of sound, projection and communication equipment in the Village Hall for a total of £4765.00 had been granted in full.

The second application for improvements to the Village Playing Field has been agreed subject to the masterplanning being carried out at a cost of £1500.00 with the balance of £7000.00 being retained subject to evidence of the masterplanning being broadly in line with the original application.

It was resolved by Council to accept the conditions of the awards and to thank CDC accordingly.

iii)  To appoint a signatory to act on behalf of the Parish Council to deal with the NHB (Parish Allocations).

The Clerk said that it would be normal for the Clerk as the only Proper Officer of the Council to be the agreed signatory to the contractual arrangement’s when dealing with the implementation of the contracts.

It was resolved by Council that the Clerk should be the signatory to all aspects of the NHB (Parish Allocations).

iv)  To consider the application by the BVRA for a grant of £1500.00.

The Clerk said as there were only two Councillors able to deal with this application the Council was considered to be inquorate at this juncture, and that this item should be deferred to the next full meeting of the Council.

66-14 To receive an update on the Neighbourhood Plan.

The Chairman of the Steering Group had given her apologies but had let it be known the drafting of the Neighbourhood Plan Submission Document was in the final stages and would be ready for presentation to the Council on the 27th October 2014.

Some Councillors and residents felt that this was somewhat ambitious and felt that there was little time for the final document to be read and a decision made for the 27th October.

It was resolved that a Council Meeting should be held on the 27th October with a single item on the agenda, namely the Neighbourhood Plan.

Post Meeting Note. The Chairman of the Steering Group had contacted the Chairman of the Council to re-arrange the meeting for the 3rd November to ensure that all would be ready.

 67-14 Planning matters including applications and CDC delegated decisions:       

i)     To receive and approve the minutes of the Planning Committee of the 29th September 2014.

In the absence of sufficient members of the Planning Committee present it was resolved to defer the minutes to the next meeting of either the Planning Committee or Full Council, which ever came first.

ii)    Planning Applications to be Decided:

BI/14/03009/LBC - Hammonds Farm , Westlands Lane, Birdham

Proposed 2 no. dormer windows and 1 no. roof light in connection with a loft conversion.

The Council raised No Objection to the application.

BI/14/03187/LBC - Hammonds Farm , Westlands Lane, Birdham

Proposed demolition of existing conservatory and small single storey extension.  Single storey extension to rear.

The Council raised No Objection to the application

BI/14/03135/DOM - Field Cottage, Westlands Estate, Birdham

Demolition of existing conservatory and porch.  Single storey extensions: amendments to windows: conversion of garage to living accommodation with pitch roof.  Change of colour to external walls.  Addition to external walls of cladding (LAP) overlap - finish grey.

The Council raised No Objection to the application

It was resolved to authorise the Clerk to notify Councils decision to DC Planning.

 iii)    Delegated Decisions to be noted.

BI/14/02264/DOM Mr And Mrs Timothy Firmston Garden Corner Church Lane Birdham

Erection of single storey lean-to extension on west elevation, and replacement of existing conservatory with new rear of house. PERMIT

The delegated decisions were noted.

68-14 Correspondence – Not previously circulated:

            There was none

69-14 Reports:

i)      Play Area and Playing Field. – The Clerk said the Council was in receipt of an offer by the MPP & WSCC to provide a rain garden at no expense to the Parish Council.

A debate followed that highlighted the concern of some Councillors as to the viability of such a project and whether it would reduce the flooding in the area of the Scout Hut which had been suggested. It was therefore proposed and resolved that in principle the Council would grant permission for the work to go ahead subject to an explanation by the MPP on the overall cost of the project including, how it would impact on the drainage system, the long term costs and maintenance of the project.

ii)     Village Green and Pond – The Clerk reported that although he had written to Church Field Ltd concerning the extension of the Village pond and had received acknowledgement of his letter he had not yet received a response.

iii)    Condition of Village Ditch/Drain Network. – It was reported that a meeting had been held with Langmeads concerning the proposed purchase of land to provide a ditch to the rear of the properties of Walwyn Close. The land was now apparently owned by Mr Langmeads son who was considering the possibility.

Currently there are a number of companies who have been contacted to provide a costed quotation for the provision of a culvert should the Langmead proposals not happen.

Discussions had been held with the owners of Birdham Pool concerning the blockage at the causeway. It was proposed that a coffer dam be built to resolve the problem and clear the culverts.

Both the Parish Council and residents of Cherry Lane had submitted an Op Watershed application to clear the ditches.

iv)   Police and Neighbourhood Watch – There was nothing to report.

v)    Communication Working Groups – There was nothing to report.

vi)   Other - There was nothing to report.

70-14 Reports of meetings attended by Councillors;

          The Chairman reported that he had attended the last meeting of the Peninsula Forum which had been held in Birdham. One of the main topics of discussion had been concerned with footpaths in the area but did not spell out a strategic view. There had been talk of an East West path and one to Medmerry and North to Chichester. The Salterns Way path running from Chichester to the Witterings was certainly not suitable for wheel chairs.

Cllr Hamilton said that more footpaths were required within Birdham and especially along the Birdham Straight which remained extremely dangerous to walkers.

Cllr Hamilton went on to say that in her capacity as a District Councillor she had attended a meeting at which the H9 site in Crooked Lane was said to be not progressing as fast as expected due to legal problems with the access to the site. She also reported that with effect from the 1st November entrance to the District Museum would be free of charge.

71-14 Items for inclusion on the next agenda:

          Election of Vice Chairman of the Council.

BVRA Grant Application.

72-14 Date of Next Meeting:


17th November 2014 at 7pm in Birdham Village Hall

There being no further business to discuss the meeting was declared closed at 8.40pm


Signed ___________________________   Dated ____________________




Annex a

Birdham Parish Council
Financial Statement as at 20th October 2014


Bank Accounts as at 31st March 2014


Receipts to date


Expenditure to date




Represented by;
Current Account (Barclays Community A/c)


Deposit Account (Barclays Premium Business A/c)


National Savings




Reserve @ 50% of Precept


Loan Reserve for half year


Outstanding Cheque/s -


Available Funds



Clerk to the Council
20th October 2014
Payments to be considered
B Geary (Litter Picking)


Clerks Expenses (Telephone)


M H Kennedy & Son (Grass)


Southern Electric (Street Lighting)


Rather Good Productions Ltd (Web site)


Earnley Parish Council (Preperation to Traffic Report)