Minutes of the Council Meeting of the 18th October 2010
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Minutes of the Council Meeting of the 18th October 2010

Birdham Parish Council

Minutes of the Meeting of the Council

held on Monday 18th October 2010

at 7pm in Birdham Village Hall

Present:                    Cllr Meynell (Chairman), Cllr Mrs Barker, Cllr Mrs Cobbold, Cllr Churchill

Apologies:               Cllr Tilbury, Cllr Mrs Parks, Cllr Mrs Leach and Cllr Way and PCSO A Bromley

Absent: Cllr Ms R Huskisson

In attendance:         The Clerk, Cllr P Montyn and Cllr P Jones (WSCC & CDC), twelve members of the public.

62-10 Declarations of Interests

There were none.

63-10              Urgent/Additional items notified to the Chairman or the Clerk prior to the meeting.

There were none.

64-10 Minutes of the meeting held on the 20th September 2010

.Resolved: that the minutes of the 20th September 2010 be signed as a true and accurate record.

Proposed by Cllr Cobbold and seconded by Cllr Barker

65-10              Matters arising from the Minutes

i)     Land Bequeathed to the council – The Clerk reported that the visit to the Councils Solicitor by the Chairman, Councillor Tilbury and the Clerk had produced good results. This was the first meeting with our solicitor who proceeded to guide the Council over the problems associated with the documentation received from the Executors of Mr Adams will but also the potential problems of rights of way. She was given instruction to carry out searches to determine ownership of various parcels of land in order that rights of way were known.

66-10              Approve and sign the minutes of the Planning Meeting held on the 4th October 2010

Resolved: that the minutes of the 4th October 2010 be signed as a true and accurate record.

Proposed by Cllr Churchill and seconded by Cllr Cobbold.

67-10              Matters arising from the Minutes

There were none.

68 -10              Clerks’ Report:

i) The Clerk reported that the Council had the opportunity of receiving bags of salt grit from WSCC for use within the Parish on non-private areas which may help to alleviate some of the problems that had been experienced during the winter of 09/10. We were asked to provide areas where the salt would be both used and stored. It was suggested that the Clerk contact the Village Hall, the Church and the School to determine if a) it was needed and b) if they could store it. Use of the salt would be on a self help basis, no bins would be provided and the salt would be supplied in 1tonne ‘hippo bags’.

ii) CDC are to hold the Annual Parishes Meeting on the 17th November at East Pallant House. The Chairman said that he would attend as would the Clerk.

The Clerk had attended a presentation at CDC organised by the Clerk of West Itchenor Parish Council. The presentation ‘Planning for the Future’, delivered by Mr Paul Over and Ms Amanda Jobling, was concerned with the ‘Spending Review’ carried out by the Government and the potential impact on services carried out by CDC. Whilst nothing specific could be determined until the figures of the review was known we were assured that CDC would do what it could to maintain services, they may have to make cuts and plans are in place to mitigate any such cuts should they be required.

iii) There were no other related matters.

v) Reports from Members of WSCC/CDC

Cllr Montyn (WSCC & CDC) confirmed the Clerks statement on the salt grit provisioning and said that more information would be forthcoming from the contractor over the next few days.

Both WSCC and CDC had been struggling with budgets in anticipation of the proposed cuts. However, nothing firm could be decided upon until the outcome of the spending review.

69-10              Planning matters including CDC decisions:


BI/10/04192/FUL 12 Pipers Mead, Birdham

This is a retrospective application for a retaining wall at the southern edge of the garden of 12 Pipers Mead. The garden is bounded on two sides by a ditch and we are assured by the owner that the ditch at this point flows east and north towards the main road. The ditch has been well maintained. The southern part rarely has more than an inch or so of water in it even after a heavy storm and there is no appreciable flow so it acts more as a soak away.  At the point where the curtilage meets the eastern drain there is an outfall from the road drain in Pipers Mead and this leads to standing water at this point. It seems unusual that the southern ditch is part of the cartilage of 12 Pipers Mead but the hedge on the other side of the ditch is not. A proportionate view has to be taken. This development is not likely to interfere with the flow of the ditch, such as it is. There is a requirement in the deeds to maintain the ditch in good order and the Council would wish to see that this happens.

The Council resolved to raise NO OBJECTION to this application.

Proposed Cllr Barker seconded Cllr Churchill

BI/10/04290/TPA The Boathouse, Lock Lane, Birdham

This is an application to reduce the height of nine poplar trees by 40% and two others by 5%. There are 80 poplars in a double row between Salterns Lock and Egremont Bridge. Unfortunately the ownership is divided. The row nearer the Canal belongs to West Sussex County Council. The trees in the other row belong to the owners of the houses in Lock Lane which back onto the Canal. From time to time the owners of the houseboats express concern about dead or infected trees which present a danger to their property.  A tree near the bridge fell in a storm in 2006 and before that three others had come down in recent years, one of them onto the stern of one of the houseboats. Everyone concerned accepts the amenity value of these trees which is presumably why the TPO was originally made. The site is also in the Chichester Harbour Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and in or close to a Site of Special Scientific Interest, a Site of Nature Conservation Importance and the Chichester RAMSAR area. But poplars have a life of about 70 years. These are thought to be nearer 90 years old and are about 90 feet tall. It seems unfortunate that the visual impact of the double row of trees will be spoilt because only these trees will be lopped, leaving the other thirty-one in neighbouring gardens. But there is a need to recognise that these trees need to have attention and a start has to be made somewhere. A balanced view has to be taken.

The Council resolved to raise NO OBJECTION to this application provided that the work is carried out by a qualified tree surgeon under the direction of the Council’s Tree Officer.

Proposed Cllr Churchill seconded Cllr Cobbold.

CDC Decisions

BI/10/03631/DOM Mr Steve Miles 5 Springfield Close Birdham

Replace existing conservatory roof with pitched roof. Insert new roof light to ground floor rear extension and other alterations. PERMIT

70-10 Correspondence:

i)             Letter from Mr Andrew Finnamore of Reach-Homes concerning Affordable Housing in Birdham Parish. The Clerk was requested to write to Mr Finnamore thanking him for his letter but, that the Council is working with CDC.

ii)            An email from Mr Rodney Chambers inviting members to submit their email addresses in order they could receive up to date information. Members asked that the information be received and channeled through the Clerk.

iii)           A media release from CDC advertising their half term activities for young people.

iv)           A media release from CDC with information that the Westgate Leisure Centre has become more eco-friendly.

v)            A press release from the Harbour Conservancy concerning the success of the Big Beach Clean.

vi)           A letter from Ms Susan Amor reference the Village Pond. The Clerk was asked to write to Ms Amor in response.

vii)         An email from SALC asking for any questions to be put to the Chief Constable of Sussex Police at their half yearly meeting. There were no questions either from members of the Council or members of the Public present.

71-10 Reports:

i)      Play area and playing field – Cllr Churchill reported that some of the fence rails appeared to be nearing the end of their life however, the Clerk said that he had had the fencing inspected and it was felt the fences had life left in them. The Clerk reported that he had instructed Mr Iain Grant to carry out the hedge and ditch maintenance that was required on the playing field – Birdham Road and Farne Lane.

ii)     Village green and pond – The Clerk reported that we had still not received the report of the inspection carried out in early summer. The CDC Officer dealing with this was extremely difficult to locate.

iii)    Police and Neighbourhood Watch – PCSO Ann Bromley had submitted a report via email. Apologising for her absence she went on to say that some freshly planted conifers had been stolen from a residence in Longmeadow on the 1st October and that a jetski had been stolen from Bell Lane on the 4th October. There were no other incidents of note.

PCSO Bromley also reported that her colleague PCSO Bainbridge had suffered a fall and broken her hip, she would therefore not be playing a full and active part in policing the Parish for the time being.

72-10 Finance:

A financial paper had been prepared by the Clerk and was circulated to Councillors. This showed:

Balances held at Bank: £53716.37

Designated Funds: £25691.03

Creditors: £2524.76

Resolved: To accept the financial report.

Proposed by Cllr Churchill and seconded by Cllr Meynell

73-10 Web Site

As the lead Councillor was incapacitated through ill health this item was deferred to the next meeting of Council.

74-10 Reports from Councillors attending meetings

There were none

75-10 Public session:

i)          A member of the public raised the question of other areas of land being available for ‘affordable housing’. It was pointed out that yes there are other pieces of land in the Birdham area but, these would command market rates and therefore become unaffordable. By using the piece of land suggested this would keep the price down and the properties would be controlled and let to Birdham people only and those with the most need. It would also free up some properties currently under occupied and which would in turn allow those properties to be let to families in need.

The same member of the public also asked if the Council was aware of the wild life in, and using, the proposed land, for example the wild deer. Again it was pointed out that prior to any development being permitted wild life studies would be carried out.

ii)            A question was asked what was happening with the Burlow Close application as this was no longer on the CDC Planning Portal. It was thought that as the applicant had been advised to withdraw his application and re-submit with more information that this could well be the reason for the disappearance of the application from the Planning Portal.

iii)           It was suggested by a member of the public that a meeting should be held in order that potential new councillors might meet with CDC Officers, and Parish Council Members to determine what was required in becoming a councillor. The Clerk undertook to speak with CDC in order to obtain the services of an officer for a date sometime early in the New Year.

76-10 Items for inclusion on the Agenda for the next meeting

There being no further business to be dealt with the meeting closed at 8.07 pm

The next meeting of Council will be held on the 15th November at 7pm in the Village Hall.

Signed ___________________________   Dated ____________________