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Planning Decisions

Planning Decisions 27th June 2012

BI/12/01569/DOM Mr D Segel Chaffinches Farm Main Road Birdham Single storey rear extension. REFUSE   BI/12/01570/DOM Mrs Angela Palmer Palmers Pescotts Close Birdham Erect a lateral pitched roof extension (one and a half stories) above the existing flat roofed garage and side extension. Increase the main ridge sufficiently to provide four bedrooms and two bathrooms making up for the two bedrooms removed as...

Planning Decisions 20th June 2012

BI/12/01050/FUL Mr Graham Pick Northleigh Farm Main Road Birdham Erection of open sided barn on existing concrete base. PERMIT

Planning Decisions 23rd May 2012

BI/12/00146/FUL Mr Simon Cobden Land North Of Cowdry Nursery Sidlesham Lane Birdham Agricultural barn. WITHDRAWN   BI/12/01982/NMA Mr G Harford Little Burlow Burlow Close Birdham Non-material amendment to planning permission BI/11/04943/DOM. Lantern style roof window in flat roof section of car port. Velux roof window in roof over front door. PERMIT

Planning Decisions 2nd May 2012

BI/11/05313/FUL Mr Chris Milton Cowdry Nursery Sidlesham Lane Birdham Siting of 1 no. mobile home and amenity buildings for gypsy use only. REFUSE   BI/12/01166/FUL C E A Settlement Trust GWA Auto Barn Birdham Road Birdham Erection of covered parking for car preparation. PERMIT

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