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Planning Decisions

Planning Decisions received 12th December 2012

BI/12/01195/FUL Mr & Mrs A MacDonald The Thatched House Birdham Road Alterations and extensions to dwelling; change of use; extensions and rebuilding of outbuildings to form 2 no. tourist units. PERMIT https://pawam.chichester.gov.uk/WAM/showCaseFile.do?appType=planning&appNumber=12/01195/FUL   BI/12/03383/ADV Mr Andy Wright (Bellway Home Ltd) Longmeadow Main Road Birdham Installation of 3 x double sided free standing signs, 2 x free standing signs and 4 flagpoles. PERMIT https://pawam.chichester.gov.uk/WAM/showCaseFile.do?appType=planning&appNumber=12/03383/ADV

Planning Decisions received 28th November 2012

BI/12/03015/FUL Mr S Greenwood Widdicombe Main Road Birdham Chichester West Sussex PO20 7BY Erection of replacement two storey dwelling as amendment to approved extant permission BI/08/02179/FUL. PERMIT https://pawam.chichester.gov.uk/WAM/showCaseFile.do?appType=planning&appNumber=12/03015/FUL

Delegated Decisions received 7th November 2012

BI/12/01931/DOM Mr Lee Stephenson Glen Iris Bell Lane Birdham Two storey side and single storey side and second storey rear extension. PERMIT https://pawam.chichester.gov.uk/WAM/showCaseFile.do?appType=planning&appNumber=12/01931/DOM   BI/12/03080/DOM Mr J Ireland Dragonsfield Westlands Estate Birdham Proposed two bay timber framed carport. PERMIT https://pawam.chichester.gov.uk/WAM/showCaseFile.do?appType=planning&appNumber=12/03080/DOM

Planning Decisions for 24th October 2012

BI/12/02826/COU Jones And Cam 1 Birdham Business Park Birdham Road Birdham Change of use from use class B1 business to use class B2 general industrial. PERMIT https://pawam.chichester.gov.uk/WAM/showCaseFile.do?appType=planning&appNumber=12/02826/COU   BI/12/02934/COU Bea Holdings Ltd 20 Birdham Business Park Birdham Road Birdham Proposed use of land for the storage of dinghy's. PERMIT https://pawam.chichester.gov.uk/WAM/showCaseFile.do?appType=planning&appNumber=12/02934/COU   BI/12/02921/ADV Mr Alex Shattock Birdham Service Station  Main Road Birdham Various advertisements in accordance with new Shell...

Planning Decisions for the 3rd October 2012

BI/12/03280/TPA Mr Richard Wheeler 23 Longmeadow Gardens Birdham Crown reduce by 35% on 1 no. Black Poplar tree (T5) subject to BI/97/00036/TPO. PERMIT https://pawam.chichester.gov.uk/WAM/showCaseFile.do?appType=planning&appNumber=12/03280/TPA BI/12/03284/TPA Mr Steve Fernback Church Lodge Church Lane Birdham Fell 1 no. Horse Chestnut tree (T2) subject to BI/04/00041/TPO. PERMIT https://pawam.chichester.gov.uk/WAM/showCaseFile.do?appType=planning&appNumber=12/03284/TPA

Planning Decisions for the 29th August 2012

BI/12/02101/OUT Mr Robin Stirland 4 The Triangle Westlands Lane Birdham Residential 1 no. dwelling house and garage. PERMIT https://pawam.chichester.gov.uk/WAM/showCaseFile.do?appType=planning&appNumber=12/02101/OUT

Planning Decisions for the 23rd August 2012

BI/12/02075/FUL Birdham Nursery School Birdham C of E Primary School  Crooked Lane Birdham Chichester PO20 7HB Nursery School building. PERMIT https://pawam.chichester.gov.uk/WAM/showCaseFile.do?appType=planning&appNumber=12/02075/FUL   BI/12/02323/DOM Mr And Mrs Tyler Spinney Cottage Lock Lane Birdham Chichester West Sussex PO20 7AX Detached carport building. REFUSE https://pawam.chichester.gov.uk/WAM/showCaseFile.do?appType=planning&appNumber=12/02323/DOM   BI/12/02351/DOM Mr Hugh Jefferson Cotswold House 6 St James Close Birdham Chichester West Sussex PO20 7HE Proposed single storey side/rear extension, first floor...

Planning Decisions 8th August 2012

BI/12/02132/DOM Mr James Ireland Dragonsfield  Westlands Estate Birdham Proposed single storey rear extension. PERMIT https://pawam.chichester.gov.uk/WAM/showCaseFile.do?appType=planning&appNumber=12/02132/DOM   BI/12/02635/TPA Mr Richard Wheeler 23 Longmeadow Gardens Birdham Fell 1 no. Black Poplar tree (T5) subject to BI/97/00036/TPO. REFUSE https://pawam.chichester.gov.uk/WAM/showCaseFile.do?appType=planning&appNumber=12/02635/TPA

Planning Decisions 11th July 2012

BI/12/01636/FUL Premier Marinas Ltd Chichester Marina Birdham Temporary relocation of existing portacabins, associated storage and a toilet unit during the construction of permanent facilities which are detailed in planning applications 12/00475/FUL. PERMIT https://pawam.chichester.gov.uk/WAM/showCaseFile.do?appType=planning&appNumber=12/01636/FUL BI/12/01902/ADV Mr Alex Shattock Birdham Service Station  Main Road Birdham Various advertisements in accordance with new Shell corporate branding RVI-e scheme. REFUSE https://pawam.chichester.gov.uk/WAM/showCaseFile.do?appType=planning&appNumber=12/01902/ADV  

Planning Decisions 5th July 2012

BI/12/00475/FUL Premier Marinas Ltd Chichester Marina Birdham Demolition of three workshops/sheds for the comprehensive redevelopment of the South-West area of the marina comprising four purpose built buildings including marine related workshops, offices, storage, reprovision and extension of the retail (chandlery) and a cafe/restaurant together with an additional 23 car parking spaces, boat parking and storage and appropriate landscaping. DEFER FOR SECTION...

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