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Planning Matters 8th August 2018

The following delegated decisions have just been received. There are no applications. Any representations should be received by the District Council within 21 days of this notification. (29/8/18).

Delegated Decisions

BI/18/01100/DOM Mr Tom Matthews Farne House  Court Barn Road Birdham PO20 7BQ  

Proposed two storey extensions and alterations. PERMIT



BI/18/01390/FUL Mr & Mrs White Herons  Westlands Estate Birdham PO20 7HJ  

Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of a single storey flat roof dwelling with attached double garage. PERMIT



BI/18/01448/DOM Mrs Joanna Massey Hawkesbury Cottage  Alandale Road Birdham PO20 7QN  

Demolition of existing extension and erection of 1 and 1.5 storey extension. WITHDRAWN


Delegated decisions 22nd May 2014


BI/14/00959/DOM Mr Paul Simmons Broomers Barn  Lock Lane Birdham

Relocation of rear garden gate and boat parking. PERMIT


BI/14/01012/FUL St James Parochial Church Council St James Church Church Lane Birdham

Two storey linked annexe. PERMIT


Delegated decisions as at 2nd April 2014


BI/14/00036/DOM Mr And Mrs R Phillips Hundred Steddles House Hundredsteddle Lane Birdham Chichester West Sussex PO20 7BL

Demolition of existing garden store/garage and erection of new garden store/garage. PERMIT


Delegated Decisions as at 26th March 2014


BI/14/00123/DOM Mr Lee Stephenson Glen Iris  Bell Lane Birdham

New side dormer to roof. PERMIT


Delegated decisons 13th February 2014


BI/13/03954/ADV Mr D Schofield Longmeadow Main Road Birdham

Retention of 3 x double sided free standing signs, 2 x free standing signs and 4 flagpoles.



BI/13/04015/DOM Mr & Mrs Hendy 12 Walwyn Close Birdham

PVCu orangery conservatory to rear/side of property.



Delegated Decisions 29th January 2014


BI/13/03939/DOM - Harriet Investments Ltd Bees Pescotts Close Birdham Chichester

New side extension to existing bungalow and new car port to front together with improvements to the appearance of the existing flat roof at rear.



BI/13/03834/DOM Mr N Cottrell Ffolletts Thatch  Sidlesham Lane Birdham

Single storey side extension, front porch, re cladding of elevations and pitched roof over existing flat roof.



BI/13/04180/TPA Mr Claughton 26 Walwyn Close Birdham Chichester West Sussex

Reduce eastern sector by 2.5m, remove 1 no. limb at 5m on south-west sector (diameter of 20cm) and deadwood on 1 no. Oak tree (T6) subject to BI/97/00037/TPO.



Delegated Decisions 22nd January 2014



Mr J Ireland Dragonsfield Westlands Estate Birdham

Proposed double garage. PERMIT


Planning Decisions received 4th December 2013


BI/13/01391/FUL The Hyde Group Field North West Of The Saltings Crooked Lane Birdham

The development of 15 new affordable dwellings and associated external works.



BI/13/03314/TPA Mr Fowler 32 Walwyn Close Birdham

Reduce heights by 2m and outer widths of the trees' crowns by 2m and crown raise by up to 5m (above ground level) only removing limbs of 7.5cm or less in diameter on 3 no. Oak trees (T1-T3) subject to BI/97/00037/TPO.



Delegated Decisions received 20th November 2013


BI/13/02962/TPA Mr Anthony Hope Cross Trees Burlow Close Birdham

Fell 1 no. Horse Chestnut tree (T4) . Crown lift by up to 4.5 m and crown reduction by 2-2.5m on 1 no. Horse Chestnut tree (T5). Both trees subject to BI/69/0009/TPO.



BI/13/03100/FUL Mr J Chatfield Pinks Four Bell Lane Birdham

Replacement extension to existing railway carriage and replacement of existing septic tank (retrospective application).



Delegated Decisions received 20th November


BI/13/02832/DOM Mr R Felton Harbour House 22 Greenacres Birdham

Renewal of planning permission BI/10/04721/DOM for extensions and alterations to existing house and garage.



BI/13/03307/TPA Mr Peter Bachelor 25 Walwyn Close Birdham

Reduce eastern sector by 1m (back to previous pruning points) and crown raise western sector by removal of 1 no. major limb (approx 200m in diameter) on 1. no Oak tree (T7) subject to BI/97/00037/TPO.



Planning Matters 21st August 2019

The following planning applications and delegated decisions have just been received. Representations, if any, should be received by CDC by the 11th September 2019. APPLICATIONS BI/19/01919/FUL - Land East Of Batchmere Lane Batchmere Road Birdham West Sussex New agricultural access. O.S. Grid Ref. 483291/99193 https://publicaccess.chichester.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=summary&keyVal=PV720BERFXC00 BI/19/01970/TPA - 7 Longmeadow Gardens Birdham Chichester West Sussex Crown reduce by 2m (all round), crown thin by 10% and...

Minutes of the 17th June 2019 Parish Council Meeting

Minutes of the Council 17th June 2019

Planning Matters 26th June 2019

The following planning applications and delegated decisions have just been received. Any representations should be received by the District Council by the 1th July 2019. APPLICATIONS BI/19/01491/TPA - Rowan Nursery Bell Lane Birdham Chichester Remove lower branch on east side of main stem at 6m (above ground level) on 1 no. Monterey Pine tree (quoted as 15), remove lower branch on north-east...

Minutes of the Annual Parish Council meeting of the 20th May 2019

Minutes of the Annual Council Meeting 20th May 2019

Planning Matters 5th June 2019

The following planning applications and delegated decisions have just been received. Any representations should be received by the District Council within 21 days of this notification. (26.06.2019). APPLICATIONS BI/19/01051/FUL Scuttlebutt Cafe Birdham Pool The Causeway Birdham West Sussex Change of use of the land from ancillary boat storage to the Birdham Pool marina to A3 cafe with associated decking, seating, and facilities...

Planning Matters 22nd May 2019

The following planning applications and delegated decision have just been received. Representations, if any, should be received by CDC by the 12th June 2019. APPLICATIONS BI/19/01219/FUL - Case Officer: James Gellini - Mr D Finnamore Broomer Farm  Lock Lane Birdham PO20 7AX Erection of 1 no. barn for storage and garaging. https://publicaccess.chichester.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=summary&keyVal=PQVUSIERKHS00 BI/19/01311/TPA - Case Officer: Henry Whitby - Mr M Oliver Moorings...

Agenda for the Parish Council Meeting to be held on the 20th May 2019

Agenda for the Annual Meeting of the Council 20th May 2019

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