Planning Matters March 2008
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Planning Matters March 2008

Planning Matters for the Meeting of 17th March 2008Plans to be considered by the Council:

BI/08/00760/DOM - Mr and Mrs S King, Tyme Wells, Westlands Estate, PO20 7HJ - two storey extensions to enlarge sitting room and bedroom, breakfast room, utility room, en suite and single storey garden room.

BI/08/00871/TPA - Mrs Carol Panteny, 18 Pipers Mead, Birdham PO20 7BJ - two oak trees to be reduced in height and width by a third

BI/08/00880/TPA - Mr John Hetherington, 12 Pipers Mead, Birdham PO20 7BJ - Crown reduce by 250% and thinning on 1 no. oak tree within group G2 subject to TPO/14/BI

BI/08/00918/ADV - Mr Khan, The Spinnaker Café/bar, Chichester Marina, Birdham PO20 7EJ - proposed new fascia and neon lighting

Appeal Decision

Land at Russells Garden Centre, Main Road, Birdham PO20 7BY - The appeal against the enforcement notice to remove the bund was dismissed by the Inspector.

CDC Decisions:

BI/07/05812/DOM - Havenhurst, Sidlesham Lane, PO20 7QW - single storey rear extension - PERMIT

BI/08/00192/TPA - Cross Trees, Burlow Close, Birdham PO20 7ES - Crown reduce by 20% 2 no. horse chestnut trees (T4 and T5) subject to BI/69/00009/TPO - PERMIT

BI/08/00260/TPA - Telephone Exchange, Bell Lane - Reduction of western sector (approx 3 no. limbs) on 1 no. oak tree T5 subject to TPO/25/BI - PERMIT

BI/08/00049/DOM - Broomers Farm, Lock Lane, PO20 7AX - two-storey extension to eastern side of existing house - PERMIT