Minutes July 2004
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Minutes July 2004

Minutes of the Meeting held on 19th July 2004 at 7pm in Birdham Village Hall

Present: Cllr Tilbury; Cllr Ms Huskisson; Cllr Mrs Parks; Cllr Drew; Cllr Churchill; Cllr Mrs Rees; Cllr Meynell.

In attendance: The Clerk, 4 members of the public, District Cllr Peter Jones; District Cllr Taff Davies and a member of the press.

37-04cl. Apologies were received from Cllr Mrs Baillieu; Cllr Kyte; and Cllr Meynell for lateness.

38-04cl. Approve and sign the Minutes of the Meeting held on 21 st June 2004 It was proposed by Cllr Drew and seconded by Cllr Mrs Rees RESOLVED to approve the minutes of the meeting held on 21 st June 2004 and that they be signed by the Chairman.

39-04cl. Matters arising from the Minutes dated 21 st June 2004

i) Min 28-04cl I) Tree Wardens – Cllr Ms Huskisson reported she has spoken with Marianne Strong, who has spoken to Julie Bolton (WSCC arboriculturist). There was confusion about the fact that there is already a tree warden, Ganesh Kings, and they do not wish to usurp his position. We can have as many tree wardens as we wish, so she may be added to the list along with Ann Marcer. They may look at the trees and notify the Council about any problems etc. The Clerk can notify them of any new TPAs.

ii) Min 29-04cl a) Highways – response to letters. The Clerk reported that a response has been received to the letter about Birdham Straight, but not to the letter about parking at Claytons Corner.

iii) Min 29-04cl b) I) Visual Crime Audit – Cllr Mrs Rees reported that they would like us to work with our local organisations. Neighbourhood Watch to be asked to pass information to Cllr Mrs Rees for coordination.

iv) Min 32-04cl iv) Footpath 37 – the Clerk reported that she has written the letter to the farmer thanking him for his work in levelling the path.

v) Newsletter – is still in same state as at last meeting.

40-04cl. Clerk's Report including:

a) WSCC Reports, highways matters and correspondence: Philippa Young – new Traffic Manager has contacted us about the new signage. Chairman has updated our statement about highway problems in the parish and has sent her a copy of it for information.

b) CDC reports including correspondence – none has been received.

c) Other related matters

i) Chichester Harbour Conservancy has asked the Council for its views on the latest proposed route for the cycle and wheelchair path. After discussion it was agreed to accept the currently proposed route.

ii) The Clerk has received copies of correspondence between a resident of Florence Close and Martlet Homes about the fencing round the duck pond. Mr Tuckwell explained that the fence has been put up by Martlet Homes and paid for by the tenants. As a homeowner he does not have a say in the matter. It seems to have been unfortunate that they did not come to the Council for an opinion before they did this. Public Liability insurance has increased so much that bodies throughout the land are having to assess their position and could otherwise be sued for damages. After discussion it was suggested that the Council communicate with Martlet Homes to say that it would have been nice to have been consulted before they did it and to point out that some are unhappy about it.

iii) The Government Office for the South East has sent a copy of Proposed Changes to Regional Planning Guidance for the South East – Energy efficiency and renewable Energy and Tourism and Related Sports and Recreation. Comments are invited by 3 rd September – Cllr Tilbury agreed to read this and comment on it for the Council.

iv) The Information Commissioner's office has confirmed the renewal of Birdham's registration under the Data Protection Act.

v) Espace Project has sent notes of their meeting at Earnley to the Chairman.

vi) CPRE has sent meeting notes to the Chairman.

vii) The Clerk informed the Council that she would be on holiday from 27 th July to 6 th August inclusive.

viii) There will be a meeting at East Wittering Village Hall on 10 th August at 7pm when Trevor Leggo will speak about Quality Councils. The Clerk said that she will be happy to attend.

41-04cl. Planning matters including CDC decisions A paper detailing planning matters had been circulated to all councillors. Cllr Meynell declared a personal interest in the first application and withdrew from the meeting.

Plans to be considered:

BI/04/02216/DOM – Mr and Mrs R Meynell, Broomfield Studio, Lock Lane, Birdham PO20 7BA – Minor extensions to permitted living room extension. Link to garage. Amendments to Planning Permission BI/04/00056/DOM. – It was proposed by Cllr Ms Huskisson and seconded by Cllr Mrs Rees RESOLVED NO OBJECTION.

BI/04/02333/FUL – Chichester Yacht Club, Chichester Marina, Birdham PO20 7EJ – Single storey dining annexe on north side of building. It was proposed by Cllr Meynell and seconded by Cllr Ms Huskisson RESOLVED not to object to the scheme in principle but to ask whether the parking facilities made available meet the requirements of a public use building.

BI/04/02394/FUL – Elizabeth Lawrence re 2 and 3 Westlands Farm, Westlands Lane, Birdham – Replacement of existing semi-detached houses with 2 attached dwellings. It was proposed by Cllr Churchill and seconded by Cllr Mrs Parks RESOLVED to postpone a decision on this property for further discussion and a site visit.

BI/04/02403/FUL – Pratt Developments Unlimited, Itchenor Caravan Park, Shipton Green Lane, Itchenor – Use of permitted holiday caravans throughout the year subject to their occupation being limited to holiday use only. It was proposed by Cllr Drew and seconded by Cllr Mrs Rees RESOLVED to OBJECT on the grounds of loss of local amenity.

BI/04/02465/DOM – KJ Harding, Hoots Barn, Church Lane, Birdham PO20 7AP – Conversion of double garage to two bedrooms/bathroom plus new double garage and games room – renewal of unimplemented permission. It was proposed by Cllr Tilbury and seconded by Cllr Churchill RESOLVED NO OBJECTION .

CDC Decisions:

BI/04/01305 – Mr M Holmes, Belland House, Main Road, Birdham PO20 7BY – Detached garage – PERMIT

BI/04/01721/DOM – Mr and Mrs Hemblin, Willows, St James Close, Birdham PO20 7HE – single storey log cabin – PERMIT

BI/04/01881/FUL – Miss K Armstrong re Mallards, Chichester Yacht Basin – Replacement of dilapidated houseboat with similar – PERMIT

Notice of Appeals

BI/04/00759/FUL – Birdham Fruit Farm, Martins Lane, Birdham PO20 7AU – Change of use of vacant farmland to residential access and drive (using existing access) through field to residential curtilage and associated paddock known as Birdham Fruit Farm. 3 copies of written comments may be sent to the Inspector no later than 29 th July 2004.

BI/03/02965/PLD – Koolbergen and Ramsey, Bell Lane, are appealing against CDC's refusal to grant a certificate of lawful use or development for the agricultural bungalow, to be decided by an exchange of written statements. 3 copies may be sent to the Planning Inspector by 13 th August if the Council wishes to send further comments.

Amending Letter

BI/04/02333/FUL – Chichester Yacht Club – single storey dining annexe on north side of building – letter amends the address of site.

42-04cl. Correspondence

Correspondence to be circulated includes:

Ship Canal Trust Newsletter Summer 2004

Partnership News July 2004

CDC Annual Performance Plan 2004-5

WSCC Forward plan of Key Decisions August 2004-November 2004

WSCC Connections July 2004

West Sussex Access Forum – annual Report 2003-4

Spotlight June 2004

Playtoday July- August 2004

Clerks and Councils Direct July 2004

Local Council Review July 2004

43-04cl. Reports

i) Village Hall – the Chairman reported that the budget has been produced at a level of £223,000, so the architect has been asked to produce a plan for a lower budget which will entail a simpler process, including just a new roof and a disabled toilet. It was agreed at this stage to leave it with the Chairman, and Cllrs Mrs Rees and Meynell.

ii) Play Area report and Playing Field – roundabout seems to be getting loose again – Clerk to chase up the repairers. Replacement fencing posts have arrived and been put up. The goalposts are to be ordered.

iii) Village Green and Pond – the seat is to be repaired by Mr Talbot. Adrian Dover will be asked to remove the parrot weed urgently, and to keep doing it once a month.

iv) Footpaths and Bridleways – no report.

v) Neighbourhood Watch – there have been two break-ins, one to an outhouse in Westlands Lane and the other a failed house burglary at a house in Church Lane.

44-04cl. Finance (including audit)

A Financial Report had been circulated to all members.

Payments made since the last meeting to be ratified:

Standing order to Saskia Heasman (June salary) 363.71

Standing order to GE Capital Equipment ( photocopier, inc 13.93 VAT) 93.52

Standing Order to National Playing Fields Association 25.00

Receipts, current account – contributions to phone bill and copying from

Itchenor and Apuldram 62.38

Receipts, Village Hall account – interest 19.06

Receipts, BRA account – interest 21.71

Payments to be considered

Clerk's Expenses (see separate sheet for details) 74.20

Southern Electric (electricity for street lights, includes 4.69 VAT) 98.54

Mrs Geary, litter, July 65.00

Adrian Dover, grass, June 80.00

Knight Fencing (paling, includes £7.53 VAT) 50.53

Notes: To allow a little cash in hand and to have some available for paying for the goal posts when they arrive, the Clerk has arranged to transfer £1000 from the BRA with effect from 26 th July.

It was proposed by Cllr Tilbury and seconded by Cllr Churchill RESOLVED to approve the financial report. The Clerk explained the audit to the Council, including some alterations she had made to the figures.

It was proposed by Cllr Meynell and seconded by Cllr Mrs Parks RESOLVED that this Council approves the Annual Return and confirms the accuracy of the alteration appearing on the Return and that it should be signed by the Chairman.

It was proposed by Cllr Ms Huskisson and seconded by Cllr Mrs Rees RESOLVED that this Council confirms the assessment of risks drawn up by the Clerk and confirms its intention to establish a register of risk upon which it will take action as necessary.

It was proposed by Cllr Drew and seconded by Cllr Churchill RESOLVED that this Council confirms its awareness that the current reserves exceed 100% of its annual expenditure because of the build up of a fund towards professional expenses for the repairs of the Village Hall.

45-04cl. Reports of meetings attended by Councillors None.

46-04cl. To consider any urgent matters which the Chairman may wish to lay before the Council a) The Clerk reported that at the Chairman's request she had asked Tom Lane of the CDC's Environment Strategy Unit for the name of the firm which deals with replacing fingerposts, particularly with regard to the one at the corner of Church Lane and Crooked Lane. The company he recommends is JK Engineering of East Dean, and he will be posting her a form to apply for a grant of up to 50% of the cost of the work, for which there is no particular time scale. The Council will ask them to look at finial at top of post at corner of Mapsons Lane.

b) Ship Canal Trust – the Council will be asked shortly to look at proposals for the bridge over the canal at Donnington, with eventually the problem of Cutfield Bridge to be considered.

47-04cl. Public Session

i) A question was asked about whether the Council had any intention to produce a parish plan. The Chairman explained that the Council had been very busy with the refurbishment of the village hall and has not at present felt able to begin a parish plan.

ii) St James Church is producing a welcome pack for newcomers to the village, and would be happy to have input from the Council. Ragwort in Westlands Lane, field opposite Westlands Estate – no communication with the owner, Clerk to report it to WSCC.

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9.15pm