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Chairmans Letter to Residents ref the A27

Dear Residents

As Chairman of the Parish Council I have been attending a series of meetings aimed at Building a Better A27. Elisabeth Hamilton for CDC, and Pieter Montyn foe WSCC have also attended.

This series of meetings were an initiative started by Louise Goldsmith shortly after the Secretary of State has cancelled any upgrade to the A27, following the understandably negative response residents had towards the 5 abysmal options offered by Highways England, and which created such animosity between north and south.

The objective of the meeting has been to build bridges between north and south and establish a set of guidelines that HE should follow should the matter be raised again, should we persuade the SoS to reinstate the scheme some when the future

Although we have had no formal response from the SoS, our new MP Gillian Keegan has had several constructive conversations with ministers, and HE have been showing great interest in these meetings, to a point where that would like to know our requirements by the end of this month.

Elisabeth, Pieter and myself will be attending the next meeting on the 15th of March, and I have asked our Parish Clerk to make room in the agenda of our next Parish meeting on the 19th March to allow us to feedback how that meeting progressed, and cordially invite you to partake in our discussion.

Laurie Pocock