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Agenda for the Parish Council Meeting on the 19th September 2011

Birdham Parish Council

28 Langdale Avenue, Chichester, West Sussex, PO19 8JQ

Tel : 01243 790402  Fax : 01243 784478

Email : clerk@birdhamparishcouncil.org.uk Website : www.birdham.org.uk

Clerk to the Council : David J Siggs


I hereby give you notice that a Meeting of Birdham Parish Council is to be held on Monday 19th September 2011 in the Main Hall at Birdham Village Hall at 7pm and all members of the Council are hereby summoned to attend

David J Siggs - Clerk to the Council


1. Apologies for absence

2. Urgent/Additional items notified to the Chairman or the Clerk prior to the meeting

3. Public Question Time. (In accordance with Standing Orders 1d – 1l )

4. Declaration of interests

5. Approve and sign the minutes of the meeting held on 18th July 2011

6. Emergency Planning – Lloyd Harris CDC

7. Land bequeathed to the Council

8. Clerk’s Report including:

i) WSCC Reports, highways matters and correspondence

ii) CDC reports including correspondence

iii) Other related matters

v) Reports from Members of WSCC/CDC if appropriate

9. Planning matters including CDC Applications and Decisions


BI/11/03087/DOM Mr Ben Emery-Roberts Hollybank Martins Lane Birdham

Single storey rear extensions.

BI/11/03029/FUL Mr & Mrs L Van Rooyen Creek Cottage Westlands Estate Birdham

Replacement of existing house within new dwelling.


BI/10/05592/FUL St James Parochial Church Council St James Church Church Lane Birdham. Two storey linked extension. PERMIT

BI/11/02113/FUL Mr R Felton Harbour House 22 Greenacres Birdham

Demolition of existing house, construction of a replacement dwelling and garage and associated landscaping. PERMIT

BI/11/02305/DOM Mr Clive Bush Shalford Lock Lane Birdham

Extensions and dormers (resubmission of 10/05078/DOM.) PERMIT

BI/11/01343/DOM Mrs Carol Van Rooyen Creek Cottage Westlands Estate Birdham 1.8m Hazel/Willow fence. WITHDRAWN

BI/11/02208/FUL Mr Roger Jones Granary East Westlands Farm Westlands Lane Birdham

Variation of condition 2 attached to planning permission BI/99/00600/FUL.  Chalet to be occupied by staff at Westlands Farm, or used for holiday letting only. REFUSE.

BI/11/02211/FUL Mr Roger Jones Granary West Westlands Farm Westlands Lane Birdham

Variation of condition 2 attached to planning permission BI/98/01697/FUL.  Occupation by Mr Mark Barker and his dependants only, or otherwise for holiday letting only. REFUSE

BI/11/02235/DOM Mr And Mrs R Dale Tradewinds Lock Lane Birdham Chichester

Construction of a new garden store. PERMIT

BI/11/02522/EXT Doctor Frederick Winston Cornerways House 15 Greenacres Birdham

Extension of extant planning permission BI/08/02109/DOM. Two storey side extension.


BI/11/02670/DOM Mr Timothy Fuller Homewaters 24 Greenacres Birdham

Replacement garage comprising first floor games room and juliet balconies to north and south elevations. PERMIT

10. Councils Response to the Core Strategy Consultation Document

11. Correspondence

12. Reports:

i) Play area and playing field

ii) Village green and pond

iii) Police & Neighbourhood Watch

iv) Communications/Parish Newsletter

v) Other

13. Finance

To receive and approve a financial report

14. Reports of meetings attended by councillors

15. Items for inclusion in next meeting.



Provisional Planning Decisions

BI/11/03087/DOM Hollybank, Martins Lane, Birdham

We remarked on our response to the previous application for this development in June 2011 that that application was for Lawful Development. No work had been carried out on the site. It appears that this new application is for planning permission for precisely the same works and we can therefore repeat what we said on the last occasion.

Hollybank lies within the Birdham SPA and in the Chichester Harbour Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The proposal is for extensions to the property to make a garden room and to extend the kitchen. The extensions would both be single-storey with pitched, partly-glazed roofs and our concern was mainly with the loss of amenity to neighbours. We have visited the site and are satisfied that the ground floor windows will not affect the neighbours and the Velux roof lights are at a height where they will not constitute a loss of privacy. We understand that there is already a condition on the hedge marking the SW boundary, that it be maintained at a height of twelve feet.  We would wish this to be confirmed.

The Council has NO OBJECTION to this application.

BI/11/03029/FUL Creek Cottage, Westlands Estate, Birdham

Creek Cottage lies outside the Birdham SPA and within the Chichester Harbour Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The application is to replace the present dwelling with a new one occupying broadly the same footprint as the present dwelling has become rambling and outdated.

We have visited the site and have NO OBJECTION to this application.

We would comment on two matters.

The application states that it is intended that the external walls be finished in a light, neutral coloured rendering in places. We are not sure what neutral means but would ask that the colour chosen should not be white as there has been a move in recent years on this estate, which is in a prominent position in the landscape, to use a more muted palette of colours to blend better into the environment.

Also, the house appears to be rated at Level 2 on the Code for Sustainable Homes. We understand that the provision of some the measures for sustainable construction and adaptation to climate change will be introduced incrementally. We would suggest the consideration be given to upgrading the level to at least 3 when this is complete.