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Agenda for the Parish Council Meeting to be held on the 19th January 2015


Birdham Parish Council

28 Langdale Avenue, Chichester, West Sussex, PO19 8JQ

Tel : 01243 790402

Email : clerk@birdhamparishcouncil.org.uk Website : www.birdham.org.uk

Clerk to the Council : David J Siggs



Members are hereby summoned to attend a Meeting of Birdham Parish Council to be held at 7pm on Monday the 19th January 2015 in the Main Hall at Birdham Village Hall, Birdham.

David J Siggs - Clerk to the Council


1. Public Question Time: (In accordance with Standing Orders 1d – 1l)

2. Declaration of interests and granting of dispensations if any.

3. Approve and sign the minutes of the meeting held on 15th December 2014.

4. Matters Arising

i) Land bequest to the Council

5. Co-option of Council Member.

6. Clerks Report including:

i) WSCC Reports, highways matters and correspondence

ii) CDC Reports including correspondence

iii) To receive reports from Division Members of WSCC and Ward Members of CDC as appropriate.

iv) Other related matters

7. Finance and corporate:

i) To receive and approve a financial report.

8. Planning matters including applications and CDC delegated decisions.

i) Approve and sign the minutes of the Planning Committee held on the 22nd December 2014.

a) To finalise the Councils decision and comments on planning application BI/14/02662/OUT.

ii) To determine a response, if required, to the CDC Chichester Local Plan Key Policies Pre-submission 2014-2029 Proposed Modifications

iii) Planning Applications to be decided.

BI/14/03697/DOM Mr & Mrs Chamberlain Skylarks Pescotts Close

New Porch, raising existing roof & insertion of small dormer windows and rooflights plus rear extension. (Revised drawings)

BI/14/04272/FUL - High Seat Ltd Premier Business Park Birdham Road

Conversion and change of use of existing retail/storage/light industrial unit to new designation retail unit incorporation new shopfront and entrance.

BI/15/00005/TPA - Mr Michael Lansley 7 the Saltings Birdham Chichester West Sussex

Reduce back to old cut on side limbs and remove deadwood on 1 no. Walnut tree (marked on plan as A), subject to BI/81/00022/TPO.  Reduce by 30% on 2 no. Field Maple trees (marked on plan as B1 and B2), subject to BI/97/00033/TPO.

BI/15/00003/DOM - Copper Beech, Church Lane, Birdham

Rebuild first floor of side extension with new design and two rear ground floor extension.

iv) Delegated Decisions to be noted.

BI/14/03574/DOM C/O Agent Manhood Cottage Birdham Road

Single storey rear extension and two storey side extension. PERMIT

BI/14/03703/DOM Mr & Mrs Morelli 11 Greenacres Birdham

Ground floor extension and internal alterations. First floor extension to west facing elevation and internal alterations. Roof converted to provide master bedroom and en-suite. WITHDRAWN

BI/14/03832/PLD Manhood Cottage  Birdham Road

New detached double garage and permeable driveway/turning area. REFUSE

9. Correspondence - Not previously circulated to be noted.

10. Reports

i)  Play area and playing field

ii) Village Green and pond

a)     To determine the level of grass cutting to take place on the Village Green.

iii) Condition of Village Drain/Ditch Network

iv) Police & Neighbourhood Watch

v) Communication Working Group

vi) Other

a) To determine if the Parish Council should purchase and lay a wreath on Remembrance Day.

11. Reports of meetings attended by Councillors

12. Items for inclusion on next agenda.

13. Date of Next Meeting Monday the 16th February 2015




Minutes of the Planning Committee held on the 22nd December 2014

Birdham Parish Council

 Minutes of the Planning Committee

 held on Monday 22nd December 2014

at 7pm in Birdham Village Hall

 Present:                       Cllr Barker, Cllr Cobbold (Chairman), Cllr Churchill, Cllr Ayton, Cllr Finch.

Apologies:                   Cllr Brooks and Cllr Montyn (WSCC & CDC)

Ex-Officio:                   Cllr Pocock (Chairman of Council) and Cllr Hamilton (Vice Chairman of Council).

In attendance:              The Clerk, Cllr Marshall (CDC) and 31 Residents.

P12-14 Declaration of Interests.

There were none.

P13-14 Correspondence relevant to Planning, if any.

There were none.

P14-14 Planning applications to be decided.

BI/14/02662/OUT - Mr & Mrs Paul Knappett, Koolbergen & Ramsay, Bell Lane, Birdham

Outline application for the erection of 81 houses, B1 floor space, retail and open space with the retention of 1 dwelling.

Prior to the Council debating the application the Chairman asked for any comments from the residents present, should they wish to make any.

Mr Trevor Buttress – the owner of Bellfield Nursery – said that the planning application took into consideration his land. He wished it known that he does not intend to develop his land now or at any time in the immediate future and he was not part of the application consortium.

The floor was then opened up to others who wished to comment on the application.

A number of residents were very concerned about the sewage and flooding situation which may well be exacerbated by this application should it go ahead.

The Chairman of the BEFPG was liaising with Southern Water to resolve these ongoing issues but it was taking a lot of time.

Many residents were very concerned about the size and numbers of the application especially when the applications for the Tawny and Rowan Nursery sites were taken into consideration.

There are no school places, either primary or secondary which would mean a considerable increase in commuter traffic.

The residents of Somerley are extremely concerned if the application is moved further south as this would then impact on the conservation area and equates to a 300% increase in housing numbers within Bell Lane.

The application was outside of the village envelope and should not be considered until strategic problems with roads, water and sewage systems had been resolved.

Many considered that the waste water system was already having an adverse impact on the harbour - one of the few employment opportunities in the area - which would come under greater threat by the increase in population.

A resident said that the application must be decided upon planning grounds rather than emotional ones and quoted a number of examples such as density, infrastructure, traffic, educational facilities and so on.

There being no further comments from residents or interested parties the Chairman then opened the debate to members of the Council.

Cllr Pocock was concerned at the shortness of time given to the Council on what is a major development. He asked the Clerk if it was possible to obtain an extension to the response dead line. The Clerk said that he had already submitted a request to CDC Planning for an extension of time until the 22nd January 2015. He felt that this was likely to be granted and would be sufficient time for the Council to come to a conclusion

Cllr Pocock then went on to say that he had looked in detail at the application and could find nothing in the Submitted Neighbourhood Plan, the Submitted Local Plan or the NPPF which would give support to this application. He suggested that the Council should not make a response to the application until sufficient time had been given to study the implications and said that the Council should make its final decision at the January meeting of the Council and consider an interim response.

Cllr Finch said that she had been very involved in the research and drafting of the Submitted Neighbourhood Plan. There was no evidence that the applicants had paid any regard to the content of the plan and had not consulted with either the Parish Council or the Steering Group of the Neighbourhood Plan.

Cllr Barker considered that sufficient had been said without repeating previous comments.

Cllr Churchill said that he agreed with the comments made by previous speakers. He agreed that there was a need for affordable housing, he was also very concerned on the potential traffic impact.

Cllr Hamilton said that she agreed with all that had been said earlier and added that the application was outside of the SPA and the AONB.

Cllr Ayton said that he was quite insulted that the applicant had not consulted and was very disappointed with the application. There was insufficient schooling or healthcare in the area, it would add to the already high levels of pollution and traffic problems, there was little or no employment to be had in the area.

Cllr Cobbold said that the application failed to comply with most of the policies contained within the submitted Neighbourhood Plan which had been seen by CDC. The development would create a secondary settlement area.

It was resolved that an interim response is submitted to CDC if the expected extension to the time limit is not forthcoming.

It was resolved that the preliminary response to the application should be to strongly object to the application as it conflicts with policies contained within the Submitted Neighbourhood Plan and the Submitted Local Plan together with areas of Strategic Concern. The specific details would be submitted directly to CDC in further correspondence should the expected time extension not be granted and to the Parish Council on the 19th January 2015 if the extension is granted.

(Post meeting note – The requested extension to the response time of the 22nd January 2015 was granted)

P15-14  Delegated Decisions (if any) to be noted.

There were none.

P16-13 Date of next meeting – TBA


There being no further business to discuss the meeting closed at 8.15pm


Signed ___________________________   Dated ____________________


Minutes of the Council Meeting held on the 15th December 2014

Birdham Parish Council

 Minutes of the

Meeting of the Parish Council

 held on Monday 15th December 2014

at 7pm in Birdham Village Hall

 Present:                     Cllr Barker, Cllr Hamilton (Vice Chairman), Cllr Pocock (Chairman), Cllr Churchill and Cllr Brooks.

Apologies:                   Cllr Cobbold, Cllr Ayton, Cllr Finch and Cllr Marshall (CDC).

 In attendance:             The Clerk, Cllr Montyn (WSCC & CDC), and 12 members of the public.

Absent:                        Nil

87-14 Public Question time in accordance with Standing Orders 1d -1l:

          There were no questions.                   

88-14 Declaration of Interests:

There were no declarations of interest given.

89-14 Approve and sign the Minutes of the meeting held on the 17th November 2014.

It was resolved to adopt the minutes of the 17th November 2014 as a true and accurate record of the meeting.

90-14 Matters arising from the minutes of the 19th November 2012:

Minute 89-12 - Land Bequest. The Clerk said he had nothing to report at this stage.

91-14 Clerks’ Report:

i)       WSCC – There was nothing to report.

ii)      CDC – The Clerk reported that he had received notification from CDC of the submitted Neighbourhood Plan which had now gone for publication. The period for submission of representations will now run from 11th December 2014 until the 12th February 2015. The Plan is available to view on www.np4birdham.co.uk, www.chichester.gov.uk/neighbourhoodplan and https://birdham.org.uk/neighbourhood-planning-documents-submitted-to-chichester-district-council

iii)     Reports from Members of WSCC/CDC – Cllr Montyn (WSCC) said that he had heard that day that the two applications for Op Watershed funding had been granted but would need to go through the mandatory seven day consultation period prior to raising the cheques.

iv)     Other related matters – There was nothing to report.

92-14 Finance and Corporate:

i)    To receive and approve the financial report.

The Clerk presented the financial reports for the month of December (shown at annex a). The current balances are as follows;

Balances held at Bank £49120.79
Designated Funds £29654.17
Available Funds £19466.62
Creditors £  2083.69

The Clerk offered to answer any questions that Councillors may have.

It was resolved to adopt the Financial Report.

ii)   To consider and approve the Councils Budget for 2015/16 and the Precept request.

The Chairman outlined the amount of work that had gone into producing the budget at a difficult time. On the one hand trying to keep to a budget that was not increasing but at the same time dealing with rising costs which were beyond the Councils control and maintaining the standards the Village had become used to.

One of the largest areas highlighted by the Chairman concerned the fencing of the Adams bequest. The requirement was to ensure that fencing was erected within three months of the ownership of the land being passed to the Council.

In summation the Chairman said that the proposed budget of £42489.22 was the best that could be achieved in the circumstances, which equated to a Band D property increase of £2.31 per year over the 2014/15 budget.

It was resolved that the Clerk be authorised to request from Chichester District Council a Precept of £42489.22.

93-14 Planning matters including applications and CDC delegated decisions:

i)     Planning Applications to be Decided:

BI/14/04049/FUL - Parnell Homes Ltd Ayton Main Road Birdham

Construction of 3 no. dwellings & associated works including new vehicular access & landscaping.

Prior to passing this to Councillors for a decision the Chairman asked if there were any comments from the floor and if so would they wish to speak.

A representative on behalf of the developer spoke in favour of the application explaining what they were trying to achieve and saying that the original application was for five units. On advice from the planning authority the number of units had been reduced to four and subsequently to the current three units.

One resident spoke at length concerning the design layout, access to and from the site on an extremely dangerous road and questioned the need for the demolition of the existing well build bungalow that was on the site.

There was considerable amount of support for the previous speaker concerning the access to and from the site plus concerns about flooding.

Councillors spoke to the application and generally felt that the overall design was good however, they were concerned about the vehicle access to unit 1 which was considered to be dangerous and should be stopped up. Flooding issues are a concern to those living in Birdham and its was felt that hard standing in the front garden of unit 1 was detrimental to flood prevention and was unnecessary as sufficient parking had been allocated to the rear of the property. With those concerns in mind Birdham Parish Council Objects to this application.

BI/14/04109/DOM - The Old Bird & Ham, Main Road, Birdham

Detached timber framed garage, entrance porch, boundary and garden walls and brick infill to kitchen door opening.

Birdham Parish Council raises No Objection to this application.

BI/14/04106/LBC - The Old Bird & Ham, Main Road, Birdham

Detached timber framed garage, entrance porch, boundary and garden walls and brick infill to kitchen door opening.

Birdham Parish Council raises No Objection to this application.

It was resolved to authorise the Clerk to notify Councils decision to DC Planning.

ii)      Delegated Decisions to be noted.

BI/14/03008/DOM Mr & Mrs N Von Schirnding Hammonds Farm Westlands Lane Birdham Proposed 2 no. dormer windows and 1 no. roof light in connection with a loft conversion. PERMIT

BI/14/03009/LBC Mr & Mrs N Von Schirnding Hammonds Farm Westlands Lane Birdham

Proposed 2 no. dormer windows and 1 no. roof light in connection with a loft conversion. PERMIT

BI/14/03186/DOM Mr & Mrs N Von Schirnding Hammonds Farm Westlands Lane Birdham

Proposed demolition of existing conservatory and small single storey extension. Single storey rear extension and closing up of existing pedestrian access into Westlands Lane. REFUSE

BI/14/03187/LBC Mr & Mrs N Von Schirnding Hammonds Farm Westlands Lane Birdham

Proposed demolition of existing conservatory and small single storey extension.  Single storey extension to rear. REFUSE

BI/14/03054/FUL Premier Marinas Limited Chichester Marina Birdham

Erection of 8No. Wifi masts and associated equipment. PERMIT

BI/14/03135/DOM Mr G Morgan-Watson Field Cottage Westlands Estate Birdham

Demolition of existing conservatory and porch.  Single storey extensions: amendments to windows: conversion of garage to living accommodation with pitch roof.  Change of colour to external walls.  Addition to external walls of cladding (LAP) overlap - finish grey. PERMIT

BI/14/03706/TPA Mr S Apted Pict Fenn Court Barn Lane Birdham

Fell 3 no. Holm Oak trees (T9, T10 and T11) and crown reduce by 6m on western sector on 1 no. Horse Chestnut tree (T12). All trees subject to BI/01/00040/TPO. PERMIT

The delegated decisions were noted.

94-14 Correspondence – Not previously circulated:

            There was none.

95-14 Reports:

i)      Play Area and Playing Field. – Nothing to report at this time.

ii)     Village Green and Pond. – The Clerk reminded Members that he had written to Church Field Ltd concerning the possibility of obtaining a small amount of land from them, both to enlarge the pond and to make it a destination asset. He went on to say that he had now heard from Church Field Ltd with broad outlines of their requirements to facilitate the pond expansion. The Clerk felt that they were rather more than could be covered properly in just one meeting and suggested that this would require considerable research probably best left until the new Council were in place from May 2015.

It was resolved that any decision concerning the pond should be left until after the election.

However it was also resolved that the Clerk should arrange for the pond area to be tidied up.

Cllr Hamilton suggested that it would be nice if the grass could be kept longer to allow wild flowers to grow. The Chairman felt that this should be brought to the Council at the next meeting in January.

iii)    Condition of Village Ditch/Drain Network. – Mr Barrington updated the Council and residents on the situation concerning drainage throughout the village. He went on to say that it was now three months since the inspection had taken place in Walwyn Close and costings to carry out temporary culvert work to numbers 19 & 20 were likely to be in the region of £8k. There was a possibility that Op Watershed monies may be available but who would be the claimant’s? The Parish Council or the Birdham Flood Prevention Group? He also asked if Cllr Montyn (WSCC) could intervene with Landbuild and chase up the quotation.

Moving onto the Causeway Mr Barrington reported that a multi-agency meeting at taken place at which it was confirmed that divers had been to examine the sluice gate, it had been hoped that they would also have been able to resolve the problems however, this proved not to be the case and a coffer dam would need to be built to carry out the work. This was likely to be in the order of £16k with possibly some funding available from Op Watershed.

The ditches in the area were starting to be cleared out with riparian owners taking responsibility for their own ditches. Considerable work had been carried out to ditches in Westlands Lane with considerable improvement to the water clearance rate. The ditches from the stores to Farne Lane and from Cherry Lane would be completed shortly by the Summit Ltd, whilst the ditches along Farne Lane and from Farne Lane north to Birdham Straight House would be dealt with by AMS Contracting. In both cases funded by Op Watershed. WSCC have said that they would clear the culverts once the ditches have been dealt with.

Further work needed to be done but it has become extremely difficult to determine who actually owns the land.

iv)   Police and Neighbourhood Watch – There was nothing to report.

v)    Communication Working Groups – Cllr Finch had asked for any information or comments to be passed to her for publication.

vi)   Other - Nothing to report.

96-14 Reports of meetings attended by Councillors;

          The Chairman said that he had attended the Peninsula Forum Meeting

Cllr Churchill said that he had attended, along with some 200 other attendees, a public meeting on the NHS and Public Health at which the MSK Contract had been raised. It appeared that some who had been part of the decision making process had done so without the proper credentials. A further discussion would take place in March 2015.

97-14 Items for inclusion on the next agenda:

          Grass cutting on the Village Green.

Civic wreath for Remembrance Sunday

98-14 Date of Next Meeting:


19th January 2015 at 7pm in Birdham Village Hall


There being no further business to discuss the meeting was declared closed at 8.35pm


Signed ___________________________   Dated ____________________




Annex A



Birdham Parish Council
Financial Statement as at 15th December 2014


Bank Accounts as at 31st March 2014


Receipts to date


Expenditure to date




Represented by;
Current Account (Barclays Community A/c)


Deposit Account (Barclays Premium Business A/c)


National Savings




Reserve @ 50% of Precept


Loan Reserve for half year


Outstanding Cheque/s -


Available Funds



Signed              Clerk to the Council     15th December 2014           Payments to be considered           B Geary (Litter Picking)


Clerks Expenses (Postage/Telephone etc.)


Village Hall Trust (Nplan meeting)


A Dover (Village Green grass)


Earnley Parish Council (Rule 6 Expenses/Traffic Report)