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Chairman's Report April 2003

Chairman’s Report to the Annual Parish Meeting

Birdham Parish Council

April 14th 2003

In the past year the Council has met eleven times. I would like to pay tribute to all the Councillors for the time and effort they have put in to a genuinely collaborative Council, dedicated to the best interests of the people of Birdham. During the year we have been joined by Councillor Martin Kyte. Councillor Clive Loseby had to resign from the Council because of pressure of work. We shall always be grateful for the enthusiasm that he brought to the Council, particularly in connection with the Millennium Fête. At the end of this Council we shall also be losing Councillor Philippa Woodruff and will miss her expertise in so many areas: playgrounds, the environment and the workings of local government particularly in the field of planning, to name but some. My thanks are due to all members of the Council for their attendance at meetings on behalf of the Council as well as their valuable advice in decision-making. There will not be an election for the new Parish Council on May1st but we shall have a full Council next year. We are also grateful to our paid employees, Betty Geary, Adrian Dover and John Talbot, and particularly to our Clerk, Saskia Heasman. (more…)