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Minutes Nov 2006

Minutes of the Meeting held on Monday 20th November 2006 at 7pm in the Main Hall at Birdham Village Hall.

Present: Cllr Tilbury; Cllr Ms Huskisson; Cllr Mrs Rees; Cllr Mrs Bailleu; Cllr Drew; Cllr Mrs Parks; Cllr Churchill.

In attendance: The Clerk; District Cllr Montyn; County Cllr Daws-Chew; two tree wardens and six members of the public.

71-06cl. Apologies were received from Cllr Kyte and Cllr Meynell

72-06cl. Declaration of interests Cllr Tilbury has discussed with the Clerk whether he has an interest in the planning, but she agreed with him that his interest is no more than that of any other resident.

73-06cl. Approve and sign the Minutes of the meeting held on 16th October 2006 It was proposed by Cllr Drew and seconded by Cllr Rees RESOLVED to approve the Minutes of the Meeting held on 16th October and that they be signed by the Chairman.

74-06cl. Matters arising from the Minutes dated 16th October 2006
i) Min 63-06cl i) Trees along the Canal – the Clerk reported that she had written to Mr Mahaddie as requested at the last meeting and was awaiting a reply.
ii) Min 63-06cl ii) Facilities for young people – the Clerk reported that she had received a leaflet from a company which makes games walls. CDC has also written to say that they are considering operating a mobile skateboard park. Further details will be given at the Annual Meeting with the Parishes in late January. This was noted.
iii) Min 63-06cl

iii) Village Action Plan – Cllr Drew reported that he had been unable to arrange for Mark McTaggart to attend this meeting but that he would be attending the January meeting, and would speak early in the meeting.
iv) Min 64-06cl


i) Statement of Involvement First Review and Minerals and Waste Development Framework – Cllr Tilbury reported that it is mainly of interest to officers of the County Council. It is such a complex item that the process of consultation is a waste of time at this level. County Cllr Daws-Chew said that the public do not have the knowledge to understand this level of process. This authority has to take waste from London, but has no choice over this.
v) Min 64-06cl b)ii) Draft Local Biodiversity Action Plan – Cllr Ms Huskisson reported that it was very simple and she had replied on the parish’s behalf.
vi) Min 70-06cl Contact by Cllr Drew with Earnley PC – he has spoken with Chris Bayley and they would like to have contact with Birdham. They will be meeting on Wednesday 22nd. He will keep in touch.
75-06cl. Clerk’s Report including
a) WSCC Reports, highways matters and correspondence
i) WSCC has sent the Countryside Access Forum for West Sussex Annual Report. This was placed in the correspondence file.
ii) The Draft Rights of Way Improvement Plan for West Sussex has been received and comments are required by 10th January. Cllr Mrs Rees agreed to look at this for the Council.
b) CDC reports including correspondence
i) A letter has been received from CDC to say that if any councillor resigns after 8th November, since there will be elections next May, there is no longer any need to co-opt, and the place may be left vacant. This was noted.
c) Other related matters
i) A letter has been received from Mr Crossley, supporting the proposed 20mph speed limit and as a result of the perception that the Parish Council is interested in highways issues, asks if the Council would now consider supporting a new access for Birdham Fruit Farm. The Clerk had replied that the letter would be brought to this meeting. The Council asked her to reply that they have not changed their minds.
ii) Rospa has written to give their new address. This was noted.
iii) Mark McTaggart has written to introduce himself as Action in Rural Sussex’s contact with responsibility for action plans. This was noted.
iv) Sussex County Playing Fields Association has written to say that their AGM will be held on 27th November at 12.30 in Lewes. This was noted.
v) Sidlesham Parish Council has sent a copy of their Village Design Statement. This was noted and the Clerk was asked to thank the Council for the document which was placed in the correspondence file.
vi) Manhood Mobility has written to thank the Council for their donation. This was noted.
vii) Impetus Consulting Ltd have written to ask if the Council would be interested in a green makeover, as they have been granted funding from the Pilkington Energy Efficiency Trust to offer 3 rural communities in West Sussex such a makeover. There is a questionnaire to be completed if the Council is interested. It was agreed that Cllr Ms Huskisson would contact them.
viii) SALC has asked if there are any matters parishes would wish to raise when SALC meets with Trevor Leggo and the Chief Constable in December. Any matters must be raised by 4th December. Also, there will be an experienced councillors course on February 9-11 if any councillor is interested. These items were noted.
ix) The Clerk is proposing the following dates for meetings in the first half of 2007: 15th January; 19th February; 19th March; 16th April; date to be arranged in May; 18th June. Because 19th February is in half-term week it was agreed to return to this item at the next meeting.
76-06cl. Planning matters including CDC decisions and report of training in electronic planning.
A paper detailing planning matters had been circulated to all councillors.
Plans to be considered by the Council:

BI/06/04694/FUL – Phillips Build Ltd Longmeadow, Main Road, Birdham – The erection of 29 dwellings, garages and ancillary roads comprising of 5 detached houses, 9 affordable cottages and flats and 15 two and three bedroom attached cottages. After discussion it was proposed by Cllr Mrs Baillieu, seconded by Cllr Drew RESOLVED to OBJECT on the grounds in Cllr Tilbury’s paper (attached)

BI/06/03091/ADV – Bank Machine Ltd – 1 no. Fascia Sign It was proposed by Cllr Mrs Rees and seconded by Cllr Mrs Baillieu RESOLVED NO OBJECTION.

BI/06/05052/FUL – Mr and Mrs Fuller, 24, Greenacres, Birdham PO20 7HL – Construction of new two-storey single family dwelling complete with double garage/study. This follows demolition of the existing house, garage and outbuildings. It was proposed by Cllr Tilbury and seconded by Cllr Mrs Baillieu RESOLVED NO OBJECTION

Supplementary Planning for the Meeting of 20th November 2006

Plans to be considered:

BI/06/05132/FUL – Units 1 and 2 Birdham Business Park, Birdham PO20 7BE – Demolish existing bungalow and erect 3 no. B1 units on bungalow site and adjoining land. It was proposed by Cllr Tilbury and seconded by Cllr Mrs Rees RESOLVED to OBJECT on the grounds of location, intrusion into the environment, the fact that the proposed site will be visible from the Marina, and that it makes a bad first impression as people enter the village.

Plans considered since the last meeting to be ratified:

100 Crooked Lane, Birdham
We note that the amended plans show the correct relationship between the existing building lines of numbers 98 and 100 Crooked Lane. Our concern is still that there will be a loss of amenity of light to the upstairs window at number 98 but, provided that the Planning Officer is satisfied that the Council’s guidelines on the right to light are not infringed by the substitute plan, this Council raises NO OBJECTION.

Appleacre (formerly Lerida), Church Lane, Birdham
We were somewhat astonished at the applicant’s admission that he and his wife were aiming to apply in retrospect in the near future for the development on this site. We are also surprised that a property built in the 1960s should have been in such a state of delapidation that immediate and perhaps precipitate action was needed. The plans with which we have been provided show none of the existing elevations for comparison with the new ones but we have visited the site and are satisfied that the development represents something like a forty per cent enlargement of the existing garage. We would ask for a condition which precludes the use of the building for residential purposes and precludes the sale of the building separately from the main house.
The applicant’s letter to Mrs Archer also implies that there is an intention to pursue “both our occupations” on this site. We understand from the applicant that this means no more than a study for each of them and does not imply business use. The indigenous hedge shown in the top right hand and bottom left hand pictures on the agents’ details has been removed and replaced with new planting and the front garden turned into gravelled hard standing where cars and commercially signed vehicles are parked. This is to the detriment of the appearance of this central, residential location in the village, adjacent to the village green. We would ask that the hedge should be allowed to grow to one metre fifty and be maintained at that height to soften the impact of the hard standing.
With these caveats we raise NO OBJECTION to this application.

Wophams Lane Nursery, Birdham
The Council has no objection to the provision of mobile homes on these sites for seasonal workers but asks the Planners to be very careful about the terms of any grant of permission. This site lies outside the Built-Up Area for Birdham and on the other side of the road from the Chichester harbour Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. We would urge the planners to think in terms of a grant, if they are minded to make one, which will have a time limit of five years so that the position can be reassessed and no presumption can be drawn in future that this is a previously developed land site which might be used for other purposes. With those caveats, the Council raises NO OBJECTION.

Substitute Forms
2 Whitestone Cottages, Main Road, Birdham

We understand that the applicant has tried to meet our previous objections to this application. The substitute form implies that the access will consist of a metal or wooden gate only to enable the applicant to take a vehicle onto the field to maintain it. On that basis the Council raises NO OBJECTION.

Additional information
Birdham Yacht Club
It was proposed by Cllr Tilbury and seconded by Cllr Churchill RESOLVED NO OBJECTION.
It was proposed by Cllr Huskisson and seconded by Cllr Drew RESOLVED to approve the decisions taken since the last meeting.

CDC Decisions

BI/06/04047/FUL – Birdham Fruit Farm – replacement drains/service trench – PERMIT

BI/06/04323/FUL – 2 Whitestone Cottages, Main Road, Birdham – Vehicular access from A286 – REFUSE

The Clerk reported that she had attended a training session at CDC with Steve Carvell, and that the District Council intends to move towards paperless planning. The only thing which will be sent out in paper form shortly will be the plans, and within about a year to eighteen months these will also be sent out electronically. When those present at her meeting (and others from reports) questioned how parishes should read these, we were told that we would need to buy an A3 printer and/or a projector to show the plans by Powerpoint. When it was pointed out that some parishes do not have a hall or even room in which to meet, it seems to be assumed that Clerks will forward the plans by email and councils will sort things out how they can. We were also told that in the case of a very large development, such as the Longmeadow one before the Council today, they will probably continue to send them out in paper form. The Chairman will talk to other chairmen on the Peninsula about this.
The Chairman had received a document about flooding which explains how there is a 6 mm constant rise per year in sea levels. It means that the figures are worse than was thought.

77-06cl. Correspondence
Correspondence to be circulated includes:
West Sussex Community Transport Directory 2006
WSCC – Harbour Views – Autumn 2006
WSCC forward Plan of Key Decisions November 2006- February 2007 and December 2006 – March 2007
Clerks and Councils Direct – Local Councils Update November 2006
Partnership News October 2006
Clerks and Councils Direct November 2006
Chichester Harbour Conservancy – proceedings of the Rhythms of the Tide conference
CHC – two press releases
SALC County Circular Autumn 2006
Local Council Review – November 2006 and White Paper Special
CDC Initiatives Autumn 2006
CPRE Christmas catalogue and Countryside Voice autumn 2006
LDF Shaping the Future October 2006
Countryside Alliance Campaign to protect Post Offices
Martlet Echo Annual Report September 2006

i) Village Hall – the Vice Chairman reported that the figures are looking reasonably good. The hall is now hired quite a lot. The new trust document is now ready to go off to the Charities Commission. The trees will be placed in the field. There is new planting by WI.
ii) Play Area and Playing Field – the Clerk reported that she had asked Foster Playscapes to go ahead and raise the level of the base under the roundabout – this will be done when there is a dry day. They will also look at and do whatever is necessary to the swings. Cllr Churchill reported that the play area has been cleaner recently. The new hut needs to be placed near to the hall, and the Council will apply for planning permission.
iii) Village Green and Pond – Knight Fencing have extended the rail at the pond, and Adrian Dover was asked to cut back the grass at the edge of the pond this month.
iv) Neighbourhood Watch – no report from Wendy Pitty, but there had been an attempt to break in at Whitestone Farm.
v) Tree Wardens – The trees are to be given by the County Council, but they are asking for the Council to pay for a guard against rabbits and compost for the planting. Cllr Ms Huskisson offered bags of compost. Framing of tree map – it could be placed on a pin board in the village hall. Cllr Mrs Rees agreed to find out the cost of a board.

79-06cl.Finance including first part of the precept
A financial situation report had been circulated to all councillors, as had a summary of the proposals for the first part (running costs) of the precept
Payments made since the last meeting to be ratified:

Payments made since the last meeting to be ratified:

Mazars – audit, includes 157.50 VAT 1057.50

Clerk’s salary 485.37

Receipts, current account – VAT reimbursement 1491.58

West Itchenor, copies and phone 80.51

Receipts, deposit account - nil

Receipts, village hall account – nil

Payments to be considered:

Principal 1 Ltd – photocopier service includes 9.21 VAT 61.86

CDC – grass cutting includes 14.27 VAT 95.83

Knight Fencing Ltd – extend fence at pond, includes 56.88 VAT 381.88

Adrian Dover grass 84.00

Mrs Geary – litter 65.00

Mr S Heasman, clerk’s expenses, includes 4.26 VAT 51.92

H and AP Stebbing – notice board, includes 135.45 VAT 909.45

Notes: When checking the accounts for the preparation of the figures for next year’s precept, the Clerk discovered that the payment for the Council’s insurance this year had never appeared on a bank statement, although the Insurance company assures her that it has been paid. This clearly affects all the Council’s balances. The Chairman and the Clerk will be meeting with the bank tomorrow to try to see what has been happening. As the statement had also not shown a payment made to the Council by Apuldram, we are concerned at how accurate the statements are.
The pro-forma invoice from Stebbings has arrived and they require delivery details. The clerk will not pay the bill until the notice boards arrive, but this will speed up the process when they do.

It was proposed by Cllr Mrs Parks and seconded by Cllr Mrs Rees RESOLVED to approve the financial report. The precept figures were noted

80-06cl. Reports of Meetings attended by Councillors None.

81-06cl. Public Session
Birdham School has notified the Chairman of their wish to have footpaths put in from the Cricket pavilion to Claytons Corner, and from the junction of Martins Lane to the Village Green. It was agreed to put this item on the agenda for the December meeting.

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9.20pm